What are you doing the night before a friends party?

Your child has been invited to a party.

It’s almost here,

You have finally sorted the present

Pinned your child down to write something in the card

And that it is, time for bed then the party tomorrow

Well yes that is what most mums do,

But oh no not in the world of the allergy mum!

In the days or even weeks before, an allergy mum will have been in touch with the party child’s parents,

They will have been trying to work out what everyone else there will be eating,

Will it be hot/cold/ what sort of things,

Because even if it is someone who has said they will provide for your child, you just cannot guarantee it.

So when every other parent is sitting down to relax the night before,
yes probably even the party child’s parents!

The allergy mum is waiting for their children to go to sleep so that they can start sneaking around and seeing what they can do to make their child feel as normal as possible at the party,

Worrying whether everyone else’s sandwiches will be cut into squares or triangles, any little thing can make your child feel left out

And probably the most important baking, it might not be our party, but my child cannot be the only one who cannot eat cake!cakes


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