I am mummy to two gorgeous little boys (well I might be a bit biased, but they both have lovely big eyes that attract attention where ever we go)

We had a tough start, my first being conceived through a process called ICSI, so when I fell pregnant naturally the second time it was just amazing.

However not to feel left out number 2 has decided to give us some different challenges, as we are currently having to deal with allergies and intolerances.

This is one of the main reasons that I have decided to start this blog as I know there are many people out there going through similar things to us and maybe what I write can be of some use to someone.

So what do I plan to write about?

There are no definite plans, but I know it will include posts on food and diet as that is bound to come up under the allergy and intolerance subject.

I am sure at some point I will cover some of our fertility journey.


There are bound to be a few posts on the subject of Hinckley Yummy Mummies, which began as just me and has now become a huge community of mummies and daddies in and around my local area


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