When you have a child with allergies, suddenly

When you have a child with allergies, suddenly anytime there is anything wrong with them everything goes back to the allergies.

Tim had a bad night last night, hasn’t had the best day and has already been up tonight a couple of times, he’s a 9.5month old baby, so it could be teething, it could be that he has a headache following one of the many times he has bumped his head on something today (he’s crawling and cruising and bumping alot!) or it could be any other of a million things that babies this age suffer from.

But no the first thought is what have I fed him that I shouldn’t have, and maybe there is something else that we don’t know about that he has reacted to.


4 thoughts on “When you have a child with allergies, suddenly

    • yes unfortunately I think once we become parents it is a very big part of the role to never think we are quite good enough, particularly when we worry that anything we feed them might cause harm.

  1. The doctor said it could be a water infection, however I still suspect that he ate something that disagreed with him as he always seems to have a delayed reaction which takes a few days to settle down.
    He had one dose of antibiotics and was then fine, which antibiotics don’t normally work that quickly.
    Guess we’ll never know for sure 😦

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