Collecting urine from a 9month old

Today Tim has had a bit of a rough day, following another rough night šŸ˜¦ we headed off to the hospital, he was asleep when we arrived, so it was a bit of a rude awakening within moments of waking up to find 2 nurses standing over him poised with a needle to collect blood from him.

If the results come back ok then he will be stopping the vitamin D that he has been on since January this year.

As we have had a run of bad days and nights without any reason that we can work out we have been to see the doctor this afternoon, after a very indepth examination she said that she couldn’t find anything, he had a bit of a temperature, and was already dosed with both paracetamol and ibuprofen, and would like to see him again tomorrow, I always wonder if this is just a get out when it turns out that she is not free so it will be with a different doctor!

But when we see the doctor tomorrow she wants us to take along a urine sample!

From a 9month old?

oh joy!!!

So the receptionist provided us with a urine collection bag that needs to be attached to child then transferred into a normal urine sample bottle.


The first problem with this is Tim has learnt that he can escape when I am changing him normally, trying to get him to lie still while i peel the backing off the sticky bits of the bag was not easy, but then the real fun began.

You see Tim is particularly ticklish around that area, he’s ticklish everywhere but the area within his nappy seems to be particular sensitive, so when you are trying to poke certain bits of him through a small hole with sticky areas all around it while he is rolling around giggling and crossing his legs to try and stop it was a right game. Finally half of it was stuck on, and i had to peel the next sticky bit and secure it all again.

Finally everything is in place, he has now been wearing it for over an hour and do you think he has wee’d?

Not likely, so now we are playing the waiting game, i had really hoped that maybe he would have produced his sample by the time I have to collect big brother from nursery, but who knows if that will have happened!


then once he finally produces that sample i have to workout how to peel the sticky away from a very ticklish little boy without covering me in the urine.

Wish me luck


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