Come on an Allergy Adventure

We are still in the early days of having a child with allergies, and very much hope that he will grow out of it before he is much older, but we have no way of knowing whether that is going to happen or not. So we have to deal with the here and now which means living with a child with allergies and a big brother who unfortunately likes to share (normally sharing is a good thing in a 2year old, but not where allergies are concerned)

As with so many things I have sat down and spent time looking on line at more things than I can count relating to allergies when I came across


I had a browse around the site and thought it looked interesting, and by now I already had free tickets to the

 allergy show

So I decided that I was going to watch out for them while we were there.

Then I discovered that they were going to have activities for children at the show, as well as story time. This as far as I was concerned would be perfect as I decided to plan my day around finding their stall and visiting it to help keep the 2year old amused while Tim needed breastfeeding.

We met everyone on the stand and got to know them quite well, it really does feel like one big happy family which they are happy to welcome anyone to join, to the extent that on our last visit ready for story time we were greeted by a ‘hello, oh it’s you again’ it just felt so friendly.

Sam loved doing the craft and making his paper plate mate.

But my favourite bit was watching Hailey reading


 she read so passionately, the children were all engrossed and loving joining in with the ‘Beetroot Monkey Dance’

Although Tim who has the allergy to dairy is still a bit young to understand why everyone was jumping madly around, Sammy thought it was great

Unfortunately by the day after the allergy show I was already fed-up of the book (or maybe it was of having to jump around the house with Sammy being a Beetroot Monkey) so I think that this shows just how good the book must be as it is still his favourite book even several weeks on, and it is helping to explain to him why we have to be careful around his little brother.

So a big Thank You to Allergy Adventures for everything that they are doing to help children understand and come to terms with everything that they and their families are going through.


2 thoughts on “Come on an Allergy Adventure

  1. Like it? I LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing Sarah. Hearing that so many other children are getting enjoyment out of the books and a workout for you it seems!!! Makes these last two years of hard work so much more worth while. Lots more ideas in my head, to build allergy awareness and to help make learning about allergies fun for children. But your support and being there at the start of this amazing adventure with me, means so much, thank you Hailey x

    • We’ve really loved being around from the beginning, although we hope not to have to be around for the long haul (fingerscrossed Tim may still grow out of it) we know you will be there to help and support us and others like us

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