The calm during the storm


We’ve had a bit of a rough week in this household since Sunday.

Sunday night Tim didn’t sleep, well I lie, he slept for about half an hour straight after being put to bed, was then up for a while, about another 20minutes sleep, and then lucky me from just after midnight until gone 6am I was up with him.

All Monday he was clingy and uncomfortable, Monday night was much the same as the previous, Tuesday was no better. We suspected stomach issues due to the writhing type movements. But the final diagnosis has been a possible water infection, so he is now on antibiotics.

Finally Wednesday night I got some sleep, but I think it had all caught up with me and I woke up Thursday morning with no voice, really not an ideal thing for a mummy of 2 who really needs to be able to talk to them even if it is just to say dinner time!

But I can cope with being ill as long as my boys are ok.

Luckily my voice didn’t take long to return as it didn’t take long before Sammy decided that he was having one of his ‘terrible 2’s’ days,

why do I say days?

well I think we are very lucky and have a very, very good little boy, (most of the time) I think people who have ‘terrible 2’s’ everyday must be very strong, although being ill probably doesn’t help anyone to handle it.

So why the title ‘The calm during the storm’?

the picture here is the couple of moments between Tim being at his worst with whatever was wrong with him and Sammy deciding that it was time to start.

It seemed that there was a small paddling pool at the coffee morning we were at that Sammy was pretending was a boat, he became very possessive and if anyone even looked at it, in his eyes the world was going to come to an end, it reached the stage that we wailed our way through the rest of the coffee morning, only calming down just before Tim decided to do one of those giant poos that leads to him going home in no trousers.

Unfortunately Sam came to help change him and soaked himself while washing his hands, another thing to add to his already highly strung state.

We finally made it home in one piece.

Then came lunchtime

Sam wanted to do his jigsaw puzzle, unfortunately with 2 children sometimes they can’t always do just what they want, and it was lunchtime and we had somewhere else we had to go in the afternoon. So once again we had toddler meltdown.

Things improved when we got to the toy library where he sat playing happily, but then when he got up to find a car to play in the garage he had, another little boy took the garage, this was just too much for him and he handled it by hitting the boy on the head with part of the garage.

Now I know what he did was wrong, but I think the way the other parent handled things really didn’t help with the way he handled the situation.

Sammy was taken away and told that he couldn’t play until he had apologised (even if this finally took over half an hour) unfortunately the other mother made such a fuss of her child that you would have thought there was blood pouring out of him and at no point did he get told he was in the wrong for having taken the toy from Sam. Later in the session this boy also took a toy from another child who again ended up hitting him and getting disciplined while this boy wasn’t told his actions were wrong.

So as any parent who has had to discipline their child while there is another around being aloud to get away with things can imagine I was inwardly fuming.

luckily this was pretty much the end to our bad day, when we got home, Sam helped to tidy the megablocks away, ate tea with no fuss etc.

Fingerscrossed for a good day today


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