Do all your staff know about allergies?

When you have allergies in a family it can make eating out a lot more complicated that it is for those without.

You feel that you have to plan every step of the way, and from that point of view it was actually easier before Tim was fully weaned as we had to take everything he needed with us. Ok to be honest it was easiest before we started weaning at all when we didn’t need to take anything at all with us, as long as I (the breastfeeding mummy!) was there he was happy.

So Daddy came home with some vouchers for local restaurants the other day and I decided to start researching where it might be nice to go.

The final decision was

 frankie and bennys


As they had an allergy menu online which looked like I would be able to find something nice to eat that I could also share with Tim.

Unfortunately when we arrived it seemed they did not have a copy of the allergy menu and didn’t even realise that one existed, initially this annoyed me.

But then the manager was so helpful that we couldn’t fault them.

The manager had not been aware that Frankie and Benny’s had an allergy menu, but we are pleased to say that by the time we left he had informed us that he was very sorry that he had not been able to help more and had found it online himself. He had already ensured that all the staff there today had been informed about the allergy menu and would be making sure that the rest of his staff received the information.

Tim liked looking at the menu,

tim choosing food

He enjoyed sharing the bread, olives, celery and chicken strips starter, we saved some of the chicken for him to have as a main with some chips, but it seems he got quite a taste for steak, once he realised there might be a steak option he went off the idea of chicken.

It was also wonderful to find somewhere that while Sammy ate pancakes and icecream, pancakes

Tim was also able to share a desert with Daddy of mixed sorbet, some flavours made him pull more interesting faces that others, but he seemed to enjoy it,

tim sorbet

And to top the visit off Tim had the biggest grin on his face when it wasn’t just Sammy that was given a balloon to take home with him.balloons


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