There are NO benefits to Breastfeeding!

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Did you know that we are just entering Breastfeeding awareness week?

So you might think that ‘There are NO benefits to Breastfeeding!’ sounds a rather controversial title for a post.

You may assume that it must be written by someone who has never breastfed and probably never even considered it.

Well no, non of that is true.

Sammy was breastfed for just over a year and I am still breastfeeding Tim, which people keep telling me is real dedication as I have had to go dairy free myself due to his allergies.

So why the title?

It’s quite simple really, if you remember that Breastfeeding is normal and that formula is artificial then you start to look at things in a slightly different way.

Breastfeeding does not provide benefits,

however NOT breastfeeding (or feeding formula) leaves your baby at greater risk of

• gastro-intestinal infection

• respiratory infections

• urinary tract infections

• ear infections

• allergic disease (eczema and wheezing)

• insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

• sudden infant death syndrome

• childhood leukaemia.

to name just some.

Remember Breastfeeding will not prevent your child from getting any of these things either (so far Tim has allergies, has ended up in hospital with respiratory infections, had ear infections and we are currently waiting for the results on a urinary tract infection) but it will reduce the risk.

So as you can see unfortunately Tim is able to tick many of the boxes from the list above, but I just keep reminding myself that I have reduced his risks as much as possible and wonder how much worse things might have been for him if I weren’t still Breastfeeding.

I hope you have found it interesting looking at Breastfeeding from this perspective, I would love to hear what benefits you have observed about breastfeeding.

If you are participating in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt them please leave a comment below about any benefits you have experienced and it will be counted towards your final hunt score to win the Grand Prize

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62 thoughts on “There are NO benefits to Breastfeeding!

  1. Yes, I started writing my post about obesity and the risks of formula feeding rather than the Benefits of Breastfeeding but it all got a bit serious and gloomy so I decided to publish it at a later date and kick this week off with something a little more light-hearted. Poor Tim. I sometimes wish there was a parallel universe where we could see how different choices might have affected us when we are faced with criticism or self doubt

  2. I agree, we should just view it as normal, and formula feeding as abnormal. The bond I have with my son through breastfeeding is incredible

  3. Wow, what a great post, I’ve never look at it from that point of view. I wish the media and advertising used that point of view. I think telling people all the benefits sometimes makes then think that you just like breastfeeding too much! But If they used this point of view, I think it would away a lot more people’s mind or at least make them think twice, fantastic post 🙂 looking forward to reading more 😀

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  5. I was unable to breastfeed my daughter exclusively as I have IGT, but I love that by breastfeeding I was able to counter some of the risks that were increased by her having to have some formula too.

  6. The greatest benefit of breast-feeding I have found is that it introduced me to comfortable bras, no longer do I suffer the scratches and blisters of ill-fitting under-wiring!

  7. I love breast feeding and have fed all 4 of my babies. my number 3 gave up at 5 months coz he has a real personal space issue lol ( not many people believe it but 4 6 whole weeks I fought with him to feed but he just pushed himself away and on Christmas eve he screamed so much I never fed him again and was so upset by it). im currently feeding my 11 month old daughter and as she is by fair my longest true feeder and enjoying every feed (even the biting lol) nothing is better than feeding yr baby and thinking im making u grow into who u are!!!!

  8. A great piece, its an interesting perspective, and does make you consider how we think about formula feeding in comparison to breastfeeding. I think for me the biggest win for breastfeeding is that once I got the hang of it it was easy….. nothing to carry around if i went out, no trawling to the bottom of the house to make bottles up in the night, no way i could forget the babys dinner even if i had forgotten the nappies!

  9. Yes, yes, yes! Also breastfeeding hasn’t saved me money but it has meant I haven’t spent any extra (I got pump and bits from my sister)- unless you could extra cake 🙂

  10. The benefits for me are purely practical, having the ability to instantly soothe a rumoy child, and not having any of the paraphernalia of formula to organise every time I leave the house..

    • I definitely love not having to carry stuff with me, i’m now at the stage of having to carry foods with me and it is so annoying, particularly as he has allergies so i always have to have snacks that for my older one you could buy anywhere

  11. After failing with the 1st 2 it is an amazing feeling to be still going strong with my 3rd at 3months, and going out is some easy, couple of nappies and some wipes and we are away no waiting for boiled water to cool and measuring out powder, it’s great x

  12. I like it! I said this in my post too, there are no ‘benefits’ as everyone thinks. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

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  15. Love reading all these blogs and posts cannot wait to have another to hopefully go through it all again 🙂

  16. Great post, I just wish the general populace of mums were open to hearing about the risks of feeding formula, then they might decide to give breastfeeding more of a go.

    For me the benefits are healthy immune systems (in my two anyway!); portability; availability; and the comfort of convenience – for all of us!

  17. A benefit I have personally seen from breastfeeding my little girl is that in the 8 months since she was born she has only suffered from 2 colds and they only lasted a few days even though she has been exposed to far more illnesses 🙂

    • great to hear she has been generally healthy, I know it is true for most, it was for my first
      unfortunately later in the week I’ll be posting on ‘dispelling breastfeeding myths’ which will remind people that this isn’t always the case, but I just keep reminding myself that Tim could have been a lot worse if I wasn’t breastfeeding.

  18. I love that shes growing into a little healthy chunk.. well not so little lol and that i get to sit down and feed whenever she needs it 🙂 my relaxing time!!

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  21. I love the bonding time and the way you have an easy way to comfort your child. I sometimes wonder how I’d cope if I didn’t have this tool to get my son to sleep to comfort him after he’s had a bad fall or just to give him reassurance. Brave blog btw!

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  23. great blog! i’m only 7weeks in, but i love the fact i can settle my boy so easily with a breastfeed, also that i dont have to worry about how many oz’s he’s had – he can just take what he needs!

  24. what a great perspective to see it from, I’ve never thought about it like that! There are loads of benefits that I love, but one of my most selfish is that I get to eat chocolate whenever I like!

  25. I love the fact that it’s so convenient. Izzy wakes in the night and she’s feeding straight away. No disturbing the cat and the house to make up bottles etc. I am lazy really 🙂

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