Top tips for Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding awareness week is here, and already well underway, so hopefully anyone who is thinking about breastfeeding their next baby or anyone already feeding should find some good hints and tips today.

If you missed yesterdays post about the Benefits of Breastfeeding check it out here

There are NO benefits to breastfeeding

Everyone assumes that breastfeeding is going to be easy,

if it is the normal, natural thing to do then why should it be difficult?

Well walking and talking are normal and natural to us now, but they were skills that we had to take time to learn and it is no different with breastfeeding.

So I think that really needs to be my first Top Tip,


Hopefully if you are already feeding it is going well, or if you are still waiting for baby to arrive when you do begin feeding fingerscrossed it goes well, but incase it doesn’t then my second Top Tip,


don’t wait until you and baby are having problems, seek help from organisations like


or look for local breastfeeding cafes

but my biggest Top Tip has to be


people will tell you that you must do …. or mustn’t do ….

but from experience, if I had listened to all those who told me never to use nipple shields otherwise I would cause nipple confusion then my biting and chewing 5day old baby would not have been fed, I decided that nipple shields with breastfeeding was better than moving onto formula.

I hope that these tips have been useful, if you have any others that you think people might find helpful I would love to hear them

If you are participating in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt them please leave a comment below about any Top Tips you have and it will be counted towards your final hunt score to win the Grand Prize

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20 thoughts on “Top tips for Breastfeeding

    • I agree completely
      I’ve been missing going to my usual group as it is on at the same time as the peer supporter training I’m doing, but due to Breastfeeding week things have been changed around, so I am really excited to be able to go back this week and catch up with some people I haven’t seen in a while

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  2. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Even if you worry it’s trivial or a silly question… There are no stupid questions, just people too silly to ask. I found the natural mamas and LA leche league forums invaluable!

    • i just loved reading, got through so many books in the middle of the night (well and day!) as my first fed for minimum of an hour every 2hours.
      I ended up feeling diddled that I have a 10minute feeder this time and haven’t been able to read as much

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