Are Breastfeeding cafes and organisations the only way to get support?

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Breastfeeding week is rushing past,

I hope everyone who has been taking part, whether by blogging, reading, or attending events is enjoying themselves.

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I love that Breastfeeding awareness week has meant my breastfeeding peer supporter training has been cancelled, I know that sounds really bad, and I am really loving it, but it means I will be able to get to the Breastfeeding cafe that I have been missing out on and will be able to catch up with some people I haven’t see in a while.

So today we are thinking about support for Breastfeeding, I know that there will be a lot of posts out there explaining the different places that you can go for help like

abm lll

and local breastfeeding cafes, as I said I’ll be at mine this week

So is this the only way that Breastfeeding mums can receive help and support?

Quite simply NO

and this is the perfect opportunity for other people to step in.

Those people who tell the new breastfeeding mum that they would help out more if baby was being bottlefed as then mum could have a break ‘go and have a lie down while I feed them’

The best answer to give to this is

Yes I need to rest so let me sit here and feed my baby, while you (daddy, grandparents, other friends or family) rush around me and do all the work.

Maybe I need a cup of tea, there’s a huge pile of washing and a couple of meals to put in the freezer would be greatly appreciated.

So if you are reading this as that someone who can maybe offer that help, remember you are talking to a new mummy who wants to do everything she can to appear like she is coping and can do it all on her own.

I’m not saying that she isn’t but don’t give her the opportunity to say no to the help.

I had a friend turn up on my doorstep with a couple of meals for the freezer and it was just wonderful to know I didn’t need to cook for a couple of nights.

She didn’t give me the chance to say ‘No I’m coping, we can manage’

I just remember some vague conversation with her before the baby arrived asking if I liked curry.

The cottage pie she came with was lovely but nothing compared to the homemade curry she bought around, all I need to do now is find a baby sitter so that I can try and get myself invited around to sample it again.

What support have you received that you have found useful, or what support have you offered to others

If you are participating in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt them please leave a comment below about any any help and support you have either offered or received and it will be counted towards your final hunt score to win the Grand Prize

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14 thoughts on “Are Breastfeeding cafes and organisations the only way to get support?

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  2. great to hear you got support from mother in law, although mine fed both her children, she has been known to say I shouldn’t feed in the same room as other people when we have been visiting family 😦

  3. My OH turned into a domestic god! He cleaned/cooked/organised my other children. I was very lucky!! It allowed me to concentrate on establishing a great nursing relationship with Baby A

  4. This is beginning to sound familiar but hubby was my greatest helper too. He’s very handy at the sink! Sadly, nobody ever brought dinner round!

    • my hubby does most of the cooking anyway, but it is sounding like it’s our other halves that keep us going.
      after my first baby he left plates of lunch in the fridge ready for me so that all I had to do was go and grab it, far better lunches than if I had to do it myself

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