Breastfeeding in Public

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As we continue through Breastfeeding awareness week, we think about how it can feel to feed in public and hints and tips to be able to do this discretely.

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When you first start breastfeeding your new baby it can be a bit daunting, you may feel all fingers and thumbs and probably think you will never be able to feed in public due to the amount of skin you are revealing.

I remember the first visit from the new grandparents I was made to feel I had to leave the room to breastfeed AND in my own home.

I was a new nervous mummy so I spent most of the day sat in babies bedroom feeding, I felt isolated and they saw nothing of me or their new grandson.

I actually think it did me some good as after some tears the following day when my parents came I decided no one would ever make me feel like that again.

Please don’t think that meant I suddenly sat with my breasts on full view wherever I was when I needed to feed, quite the opposite, but I was never going to let someone tell me I can’t feed my baby where I want, when HE wants.

The best advice I can offer is to take your time to workout how you get on best feeding before you go it alone in public, which positions, what clothes, do you need a cushion, scarf, wrap?

I chose to wear a vest top under a t-shirt so I can pull the shirt up and vest down without revealing more than the essentials that are covered by baby anyway. You can get shawls and scarfs to cover up with, great if they work for you, but I found by the time I had made myself look discrete I had pretty much announced to the world what I was doing anyway, and if I do it without then baby is latched on so quickly no one knows.

Get out to breastfeeding groups and cafes where people won’t mind if they can see a bit of breast and they can offer not only hints and tips on feeding discretely if you need help, but can probably also tell you about the most friendly local cafes, restaurants etc.

Not sure where your local groups are?

Ask your health visitor, contact Sure Start centres or try


Once you are practiced no one will know you are even feeding, on numerous occasions I have had people come to look at my baby, not realising until they are up-close what you are doing, then it will be them that is embarrassed and not you.

I think I must be a particularly public breastfeeder, not only do I feed when out at Breastfeeding cafes, I have no qualms about doing it in other cafes, restaurants, the local park. But I like to think I am also educating the next generation, as I have fed both my babies while running Brownies and Guides, it was a Guider from another unit who wondered what the girls would think to this, the girls as usual take everything in their stride and see it as completely normal now. And I have fed my youngest regularly in a year 5 class of boys and girls through the B.A.S.E babywatching


If you are participating in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt them please leave a comment below about anything else you think might be useful for people starting out feeding in public,  you have and it will be counted towards your final hunt score to win the Grand Prize

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13 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in Public

  1. It helps me to remind myself that a woman may see me feeding in public and it may help her feel more confident about doing the same. So every time I feed in public, I’m doing my little bit for normalising breastfeeding!

    • that’s what I like to think as well, I always think it is ashame when BF groups don’t welcome people who weren’t keen to BF as maybe they would see it and think it looks ok to do and then try with their next child, sometimes i think it can seem like we are an ‘elite’ group
      keep feeding in public

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  3. It’s easier to nurse in public in a sling so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and sit down. Also as they’re upright it can reduce reflux. Visit a local sling meet/library before giving birth for advice.

  4. I have struggled with covers and scarves but layers do help, I have found a necklace to keep my babies attention has been useful. That said I’ll feed anywhere he needs to be fed. I did get some funny looks and whispered comments as I wandered across the corridor between buildings at the Trafford centre feeding my son recently…. but was ready to advise anyone who had an issue that the statues that are in the area were showing more boob than me!

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  7. I’ve breastfed in public since my daughter was tiny. I did the vest under a top trick too, so I was pretty much covered up the entire time. I’ve never run into any negative comments.

    • i’ve always been lucky not to receive any negative comments, the weird thing was comments I’ve had from another Guider who asked what the girls/parents would think to me feeding at brownies and guides, they weren’t bothered in the least, but I assume this woman would have been.
      Today I have fed while being filmed!

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