Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

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Unfortunately as with any subject there is a lot of misinformation out there about Breastfeeding, today, the final day of Breastfeeding awareness week some of these myths will be overturned

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It seems that I have more personal experience of some of these myths than I would like

Breastfed babies do NOT get constipated

Please try and explain this to my first baby who by 5days old we new there was something wrong, but all we kept hearing from midwives was that

Breastfed babies don’t get constipated

we went to the doctor in the end who informed us

Breastfed babies don’t get constipated

But to try and fob us of we were given 20 (yes 2 boxes of 10) suppositories, as everyone was so adamant that he wasn’t constipated we were dubious about using them. When we finally decided to insert one, it seemed he had a blockage of meconium, followed by an awful lot of supposed nothing!

So when number 2 started to seem uncomfortable we didn’t hesitate to do something about it and he ended up on lactulose fairly quickly, unfortunately this wasn’t the best thing for him, but that comes under another myth!

Breastfed babies don’t sleep through the night, put them on the bottle and they will

I agree completely, my first did not sleep through the night, he was up every couple of hours for at least an hour long feed, infact he didn’t sleep day or night, and I had a friend whose little one slept through from the time she was bought home.

Now number 2 has a bad night if he wakes once, and I know of bottle fed babies that do not sleep through.

Although last night was a bad night with 6wake ups 😦 but we all have those bad nights

Breastfed babies immunity will be better

This is a difficult one as I do believe this is true, however it is still possible for your breastfed baby to get ill, I have spent nights in hospital with mine, but I just remind myself that if he wasn’t breastfed then it could be so much worse.

Breastfed babies won’t get allergies

What more can I say except this is untrue, my youngest is allergic to dairy, but I have been told that if he had been exposed to the artificial formula milk his reaction could have been a whole lot worse. To the extent that I was even advised that if I chose to not cut dairy out of my own diet completely it may still be better for him to be breastfed than to be put on formula.

If you are participating in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt them please leave a comment below about any breastfeeding myths you have come across  and it will be counted towards your final hunt score to win the Grand Prize

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10 thoughts on “Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

  1. I would add you don’t need to wind a breastfed baby. It was true for my first, winding was not necessary but my second got awful trapped wind throughout his little tiny system because my milk was just too fast for him to start with. If I’d known he could get wind earlier I might have done things differently!

    • the things we would do in hindsight, it is hilarious though to watch people who have only bottlefed be determined to wind a breastfed baby that rarely need it, my mum would sit for hours trying to wind my first

  2. That ‘you might not produce enough milk’ (said by a paediatrician who failed to notice my daughter’s tongue tie, amongst other idiocies) is very rarely actually true…

    • It is so wrong that we have to deal with these sorts of comments, it is easy to understand why people end up giving in when they don’t feel they have the support.
      I remember being passed from one doctor to another when my oldest had sickness bug, we were advised to starve him, give him just water, just rehydration sachets, it all depended on which doctor on which day. By the time this had been going on almost 2weeks, I broke down when I was advised to try drip feed test yet again, so they finally said they would find a pediatrician (who knows why it had taken so long to get a child trained doctor!)
      For once a doctor who I felt knew what he was talking about, I never forget him asking me what I thought I should be doing
      when I answered
      ‘probably just continue to breastfeed’
      he answered
      as you can imagine I was ready to burst into tears again, until he reached over and gave me a hug
      ‘there is NO probably about it, you are doing just the right thing, ignore everyone else and feed as and when he wants’

      I wish more pediatricians knew what they were talking about

  3. As a peer supporter so many mums come to us saying they have had mastitis/thrush/blockages and their DR has advised them not to feed from the affected breast…..argh! this can cause such a disruption to the breastfeeding relationship and stress both mum and baby out so much.

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