What have we been learning this week?

I wrote a post the other day about ‘Y’ everything in life can be a lesson

Since then I have been thinking about what my boys have been learning and what I have been teaching them.

The more I think about it, the more I believe that just about anything can be turned into an educational experience.

The weather has been very bright and sunny around here, which has led to a lot of outdoor play.

This has meant before we can go outside having to slather the boys in suncream, a perfect opportunity to start teaching Tim about the different parts of the body, Sam loves to help with this telling Tim to sit still (which unfortunately never happens!) while we apply suncream, yes it is another ‘we’ task as Sammy likes to rub it in to Tim, to his

  • arms
  • hands
  • legs
  • feet
  • knees
  • head
  • cheeks
  • nose
  • neck
  • chin

even toes and fingers can be talked about

This picture shows Tim doing something that he has now been doing for a few weeks, just not very reliably, and that’s WAVING he often waits until either him or someone else has left the room, but he is getting there and today even waved down the phone to Nanna when she said goodbye.


Today we visited Scalliwags  in Earl Shilton, where I had fun telling Tim the colour of the balls that he was picking up, I did decide that this game wasn’t as much fun when I became a target, it seems Tim has a very accurate aim!


Sammy has been learning all-sorts of things as well.

We’ve used cooking to learn about different ingredients, from ones he recognises like egg and sugar, to ones he isn’t so sure of like flour.

He has helped to weigh, reading numbers on the scales, sieve, mix, count out the cake case, then make sure there were the same number of cakes at the end.
Then the cake decorations involved lots of discussions as they were animal shaped, so we talked about the shapes and the colours of them, I was informed how the colours weren’t right, since when was an elephant green? He told me what the animals were doing, making up strange and exciting stories.

AND spent a lot of time asking when it would be ready to eat.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After nursery this afternoon Sammy spent time helping to water the plants, he has loved helping to plant things and watching them grow, I think we have finally taught him that if he keeps picking things like the apples from the tree just to show Mummy or Daddy that we have small apples, then we are never going to actually get big apples!

It has taken a while for him to learn how to turn the tap off for the waterbutt, he learnt how to turn it on very quickly, but for some reason turning it off has been more difficult. Unfortunately although he has mastered this skill, today he dropped his watering can, which really upset him, as one thing we are really having problems teaching him is that it isn’t naughty when something goes wrong accidentally.


In preparation for Nanna’s birthday at the weekend we have been wrapping presents, Sammy has had to learn more patience as he wants to stick the sellotape down before there is anything to stick it to, and he has been trying to master working out which way up to stick it, ensuring the sticky side is down.


This photo was taken at bedtime when Sam was telling Daddy the letters in his book and trying to read the words, when the words became too much, he moved to looking at colours, shapes and counting pictures.1015012_10151498546382478_763616732_o


But I think the most exciting thing that Sammy has learnt recently was when he saw Mummy pouring the icing on to the cake.


So why was this so exciting?


Sammy tried to stop me pouring it on because he thought it was milk.

‘Mummy it’s milk, NO milk, Timmy can’t have milk’

I am soo proud of my little boy that even at his young age he is already understanding that his little brother needs watching out for and can’t have milk.


I find being a Mummy a really exciting job, and just can’t wait to see what they are going to learn next.

I would love to hear from others what their little ones have been learning and what they find most exciting about being a Mummy or Daddy.




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