Are you doing a summer challenge?

I am really excited to have just collected 2 summer challenge packs for my boys.

If you live in Hinckley and Bosworth with a child under 5, why not give it a go, it’s free and there are prizes just for joining in.

summer challenge

I know at the moment I am more excited by it than them, but maybe the next picture will explain why!

sammy sleep

I know I am really looking forward to visiting a local attraction with both of them,

doing hand/footprints with Tim as we haven’t really done any of these yet and getting my car washed (Sam’s list)

I know that Tim will love making the drum kit from his list and Sam will love cooking or any outdoor activity.

If you are joining in, what activities are you and your children looking forward to?


8 thoughts on “Are you doing a summer challenge?

  1. i cant wait to do most of these things just to spend a summer.full of fun activities i wouldnt necessarily think about! Heres to a summer of fun 2013 😀

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