Lunch at Scalliwags


Yesterday we went to Scalliwags for lunch, when you are a parent of a child with allergies you feel you have to pre-plan everything that you do.

So with that in mind knowing in advance that we would be going I sent them a quick message asking whether they would be able to deal with dairy allergies.

Firstly I was impressed to have a response of any kind within 20minutes, as there have been places that I have contacted that I am still waiting for even a courtesy reply from.

Secondly I was surprised when I received the response

We can do yes. We have some options including dairy free butter, sausages, chips, jacket pots etc

It was really impressive that just like that they knew the answer and were able to offer some options which didn’t just include a dry (no butter) ham sandwich.

When we arrived and I asked whether they could advise me on what I might be able to chose that would be suitable for a dairy free diet they were so friendly and helpful, it was lovely when they already knew who I must be and had remembered my name.

They asked what Tim was able to eat (ability wise being only 10months old) and then listed the items that were available, this is easy as other than the allergy issue he has taken to weaning really well and will already eat anything.

Everything was cooked freshly for us.

Tim loved his sausages (2 whole sausages to himself!)  and homemade chips and I really enjoyed my bacon butty, something you can rarely have out as very few places use dairy-free spread. They knew straight away that their ketchup was ok to use as well.

AND all this including drink and soft play for less than £5.

Definitely somewhere we will be going back to.



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