How many Summer Challenges activities have we completed today?

Today has been a busy day as far as the summer challenge goes.

The day began even before I was out of bed with a little voice from the other room shouting


so OK by the time he shouted this Daddy had left his room, but I was so proud that he had remembered me telling him the night before that it would be Daddy’s birthday, and then a short while later he came into our bedroom with a present almost as tall as he was, again all with no prompting.

So what have we completed today?

Today we visited Upton House and Gardens


Leaf collage

We haven’t completed this yet, but have spent the day collecting leaves ready to do this soon

Make a treasure basket

Again not completed, but we have spent the day going around a National Trust house with treasure baskets in various rooms, giving us an opportunity to explain that we will be making our own soon.

These pictures show the fun we had with the dressing up box

Go on a nature walk

We have definitely covered  this one today,

We walked in the countryside


and in the woods

Feed the ducks

I’m hoping to be allowed to cheat on this one (or find someone to take the boys to do it) as I have a phobia of anything that flies, however big or small.

So instead of ducks we have been feeding some very big fish today

Playing with different materials

Tim has definitely had the opportunity to feel all sorts of different materials today with some of the furs in the dressing up as well as the other clothing. He also loved feeling some of the different plants, flowers and leaves in the garden.

Make a milkshake/smoothie/juice

Another activity not completed yet, but we picked up a leaflet in Upton House kitchen, with lots of ideas that we are looking forward to trying out.

Send a postcard to the local children’s centre

Today we bought postcards to be able to write and send

Look for mini beasts

This one is taking us a while to complete, I am writing about it in another post, I’ll link to it when we have finally found everything on the list


Learn how to do something new

This is a challenge specifically for Tim, he has been waving for a while now, although he doesn’t do it very reliably and often waits until we have left a room to wave goodbye, he is much better with hello


and today he has learnt how to point, thanks to Daddy’s birthday present, a new helicopter

Bake a cake

When better to do this than for a birthday

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and one final challenge for the day, always great fun after a very busy day

Have a bath with a sibling


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