Making shaker bottles

We are really enjoying taking part in the summer challenge

This time we have been making shaker bottles. It was a really easy, cheap activity to do, but I was definitely glad with a Tim around that we were doing it outside.

I found a selection of empty plastic bottles, then raided the cupboards for some bits and pieces that hadn’t been used in a while, I’m sure you’ve all got them, some rice, beans, pasta, pulses that were bought some while ago with all good intention of trying a new recipe which just never happened.

So I took my tray with bottles, spaghetti, pulses, stickers and sellotape (a very important part of the make!) all out into the garden.

The boys began to chose what they wanted to put in to their bottle.



Then came the slow laborious job of filling, Sammy decided that he wanted to see how much he could fit in one bottle, putting lots of ‘sticks’ in, he tried saying spaghetti, but gave up getting the ‘p’ and ‘s’ all muddled.


Lids were firmly fastened, then came the fun job of decorating, this is where the ‘important sellotape’ come in, if you have ever tried putting stickers onto plastic bottles you will know it just doesn’t work, hence the sellotape


Once they were all filled and decorated they had to be tested


we even had some singing, which I will upload if I can work out how another day.


I hope everyone else taking part in this challenge is enjoying it as much as we are, feel free to comment and let me know how it’s going.



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