Making a treasure basket with just one item!

As you will know by now we have been taking part in the Hinckley Summer Challenge

Our latest challenge from this has been making a treasure basket, for anyone who doesn’t know what a treasure basket is, it is a collection of everyday items that your child can explore, it is important to ensure that all the items are safe for your child as if a baby is going to use it, there is a very strong chance that most of it is going to end up in their mouth at somepoint.

We decided to put together a very simple one using just one item, this probably doesn’t sound quite right as for anyone who has seen treasure baskets before they will know that they come with all sorts of different shaped objects in them normally.

So why did we choose to use just one item?

Well we thought that what we chose was good for Tim as there were all sorts of different textures for him to investigate, but would also be good for Sam as discussions could be taken a lot further as you will see.


So as you can see we have 8 different balls, there are different sizes for Tim to investigate, some that he can hold in one hand, some that he needs 2, others that he struggles to pick-up.

And for Sammy we have already been able to spend time putting them into different orders, smallest to largest (and vice versa) heaviest to lightest, which then leads to discussions on the fact that one of the lightest is definitely the biggest one. We have discussed colours and textures, and we have had to talk about NOT throwing them around in the house!

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Have you made a treasure basket?

or are you planning to make one?

Why not comment below with your suggestions and ideas, maybe someone who doesn’t know where to start will be able to get some good ideas.


2 thoughts on “Making a treasure basket with just one item!

  1. Some ideas that i know for younger babies:
    * a variety of scarves and textured materials for children to hide behind and play peekaboo with and throw up and catch.
    * Variety of clean brushes e.g; toothbrushes, paintbrushes, hairbrushes etc for baby to explore can also be shown to older children to talk about uses.

    Ideas that i am going to use for Charlotte aged 18 months:
    * we are going to make a basket for things with different scents, a car air freshener, lemon, lime, cinnamon stick etc and talk about what they smell like
    * we are going to collect things from outside, let her explore them and then make a leaf collage (another challenge done)

    • some great ideas, I’d be very interested to hear how the scented basket goes and whether all the smells just transfer to each other and mix together, hope you’re enjoying the challenge as much as us

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