Counting down to 1st birthday and dreading it!

I know that at this point in a baby’s life many mums would be counting down the days until their little ones first birthday with a month to go it should be an exciting time. Earlier we were discussing ages with Sammy, he was telling us that he is 2, and when we said that Tim isn’t even 1 year old yet we were so impressed when he took a moment to think and then said

Tim is zero!


So we should be thinking parties, presents and cakes and getting all excited cbbies cakeabout Tim’s first birthday party.

It’s not that we haven’t considered any of these. Presents have already been thought about, plans are in place for a small family gathering, the cake is causing us a bit of bother, and not because of the allergies, we a have recipes that we know work (see here)  it is the design we aren’t sure about, when it was Sammy’s first birthday it was easy, every time the television was on and he saw the little yellow blobs he got so excited. For anyone who doesn’t know what I mean, here is the cake as made by Daddy, with 3 of the CBeebies.

But Tim doesn’t seem to get as excited by anything like Sammy used to, so we will be watching to see if anything starts to interest him.


So if it’s not the presents, the party or the cake, you’re probably thinking so what is the problem?


Well not only can I now start the one month countdown to his birthday but also the countdown to his milk trial, we have a little bit longer to wait for the milk trial, but by a little bit longer I am talking days, the dietician advised starting around about 1year old, so it was agreed that we would wait until just after his birthday so at least he should be able to enjoy it before we risk him having any reactions.






2 thoughts on “Counting down to 1st birthday and dreading it!

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