10 Things you never thought you would do on the toilet

men and lady toilet

Once you are a mum life changes in ways you never thought possible, I hear of mums who use going to the toilet as an excuse to get a moment to themselves. What a nice idea that would be.

Instead in this house when it is just me and the boys it feels more like this

being watched in toilet

Just today I have done the following

  • sung songs
  • tried to stop Tim eating the light pull
  • picked up tampons
  • watched Sammy blow bubbles from in the bath (he spent half the afternoon in there, fully dressed!)
  • tried to avoid the subject of what tampons are with a 2year old
  • played patta-cake
  • stopped squabbles
  • watched tampons being used as a counting aid
  • moved Tim from trying to climb in to the toilet bowl (yes I was sat there at the time!)
  • stopped Tim eating tampons


So are you one of the lucky ones who can use the bathroom as somewhere to get a short moment of peace?

If not what things did you never imagine yourself doing while sat on the toilet?



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