My bed

Once upon a time when I decided it was time for bed I could climb the stairs and know that I would have something that looked a little like this to climb into

tidy bed

Now if I am lucky enough to have this, by morning I find that my bed just isn’t big enough as what appears to be a SMALL person climbs in next to me and somehow takes over most of the bed. Far more bed than someone their size should be capable of covering.


Unfortunately more often than not, what I now find when I go into my bedroom is something that resembles

Messy bed

and this is on a good day

you may ask how this happens?

well it’s not difficult to see how!



and over the last couple of weeks things have not improved, with workmen in the house spending time mostly in the lounge at the moment, we are spending a lot of time upstairs. Today I am too embarrassed to even take a picture of my bedroom, but you know it must be bad, when hubby is able to work out that the boys have been lose in there!



Pamper or Pampers

It is amazing how differently people see things depending on who you are, what stage of your life you are going through etc.

A few years ago if I saw the following arrive in my inbox


I would have imagined relaxing somewhere, maybe a massage, facial, who knows, but whatever it was it would be me time (not that I’ve ever had a pamper package myself)


But suddenly this happens


and you can’t help but look at life in a different way.


So when I clicked on the link in my inbox, I was really disappointed when it didn’t take me to a page telling me just how many packs of Pampers nappies or wipes I could get for my £29.

I wonder what the strangest thing anyone has ever been disappointed by when they click on a Groupon link is and it hasn’t been what they expected.

When to stop breastfeeding?

This is a very difficult subject for me at the moment, I am definately PRO-breastfeeding, and for a while was wondering whether I was going to manage to feed Tim until he was a year old, which I really wanted to succeed at having fed Sammy for just over a year.

Why didn’t I think I was going to make it?

The actual act of breastfeeding was not the problem, but in January when I had to stop eating all dairy it suddendly became a lot more difficult. I never had any cravings during either of my pregnancies, however I am definatley now getting withdrawl symptoms for cheese.

Well I am very pleased to say that I have succeeded at making it to one year well near enough he turns one on Thursday so while I write this I haven’t quite made it to a year yet, but nothing is going to stop me getting there now.


But now that I have made it this far I am starting to wonder which direction to go in.

Tim is due to start his milk trial in a few weeks, which I am still very nervous about    and this is why I am now starting to think am I better to make sure that I have stopped feeding so that he is stabilised on the Aptamil Pepti-2 before he trials the milk, or am I better to keep breastfeeding him because I know it works for him.

I am not one of those mums desperate to get my body back, or to be able to go out for late nights needing to leave someone else to put him to bed, so the decision comes down to whether I want cheese and which way is best to go in preparation for his trial.

Unfortunately although I am very open to anyones suggestions, comments or opinions, the final decision comes down to me, and at the moment I am just going around in circles.

i love breastfeeding

So what would you do?

Good and Bad habits from TV

I am sure I am not the only parent to occasionally use TV as a babysitter, I don’t do it often, but it can be useful to sit Sammy infront of if I have to go and change Tim and he needs occupying, but most of the time he will happily play on his own for the few minutes that I am gone.

However this last few weeks we have been having some work done on our heating system, so at various times we have had different bits of the house out of operation, on one occasion  the space in the lounge was restricted while someone was working on the radiator in Sammy’s bedroom and someone else was plastering in the dining room. This has meant that over the last few weeks a lot more TV viewing has gone on that normal, as sometimes it is just easier to try and keep little people happy while there is soo much going on around them.

I’ve never been keen on the idea of children spending hours watching TV, mostly because I think there are lots of other things they should be doing, they can learn so much from playing, and it is fun to be able to play with them. But that is another post altogether.

But if my children ‘need’ for some reason to spend longer periods of time than normal in front of the television, I thought that CBeeBies seemed a good channel for them to watch, at least it is more educational than some other channels that are just bright flashing colours with lots of noise and very little educational content.


I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with CBeeBies, far from it, but when they have been spending a while watching something you start to notice the things that they are picking up from it.

The most annoying has got to be the singing, he is very quick to pick up a song, this afternoons song has been from Justin’s house, which led to disagreements about the words as he was word perfect, until the last line which he has decided is

it’s Justin’s FACE!


So what habits have I noticed?

this is just a few and here is the challenge, see if you can workout what he has been watching to cause these actions

  • thinking that he can climb into an upside down umbrella and float away
  • being very good at washing his hands before cooking, never forget your apron either!
  • playing ‘peepo’ very loudly where ever we go, and shouting ‘where’s Tom?’
  • thinking that he is capable of watering the garden and pulling weeds all by himself

I am pleased to say that most of the habits fall in the category of nothing to worry about, although we went through a phase of him running into the house shouting

look Mummy, very small apple

it’s taken a lot of explaining for him to finally understand if he brings us all the ‘very small apples’ there will never be any big ones!

Emelie’s Appointment: The Answers at Last!

A amazing mum tells about how all her hard work restricting her daughters diet, recording what she has been doing and researching for herself has really paid of


Tuesday 20th August had been a date I was anxious about for the past 2 months. When Emelie had started to react to foods as well as formula milk, I needed answers, real ones, not the could bes of an uninformed GP who was reluctant to prescribe her expensive medication and Non-milk formula!

We arrived at the RVI, Newcastle at 9am for our appointment. The journey there had been an emotional one for me, as I was reminded of my many visits there when being treated for Accute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia almost 21 years ago. Still, I knew that her symptoms would finally be taken seriously and at last we would hopefully be given the answer to the conundrum which had plagued us since the night Emelie was born.

Emelie was weighed and measured and I was reassured that she was developing and growing well. Then, we went in to see…

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Never ending washing

I am starting to think that maybe I should get the boys to do their own washing as I had been starting to think it was never ending.

water play

Every so often I remember that you have to make sure you are very careful what you say to children as they don’t always interpret things how you think they might.

Sammy has been very keen to put his dirty laundry into the washing basket in his bedroom for a very long time, if he’s in the right mood he’ll even help Tim to do his.

So we have moved onto the next steps, after a bath now while Mummy and Daddy hang the towels or tidy anything else in the bathroom that needs sorting Sammy takes the dirty clothes and puts them in the washing basket.

I didn’t think anything of it when I had placed a pile of clean folded clothes on his bed. I asked Sammy to go with Daddy and help put the washing away, unfortunately before Daddy got there half of the nice clean clothes had been put into the washing basket. Well you can’t fault him he was trying to help and in the past ‘washing’ has always gone in the washing basket!

Another example of Mummy must think more carefully before she speaks.

How to stay in touch with your new mummy friends

Do you ever feel a bit lonely or lost as a new parent?

Not sure what to do with your new baby, or where to do it?

That’s what I used to feel, but then I decided to do something about it.

Hinckley Yummy Mummies began as a small group of mums in 2011, none of us knew each other before we had children.
Some met through the postnatal group, others like me tagged on to the group through wriggly readers.
It became a regular get together, go to wriggly readers at the library, then on to  Roodys for a drink and bite to eat, as our children moved on some stopped coming to the library to go swimming but we still met up afterwards.


At Roodys, with Mrs Roody herself
The mess was babybaking!
photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies

But this was where the problem began, people were starting to find it more difficult to meet up on a regular basis, our children required different things, and we all slowly drifted apart as we returned to work.

What had annoyed us most from the first moment of becoming mothers was being told all the time by midwives and health visitors that there were plenty of groups on and that they were easy to find out about. Unfortunately we were finding this was not the case and as we were starting to see less of each other it was getting even more difficult.
From these issues we decided that we needed to do something about it, over the usual coffees, diet cokes (some of the group were addicted!) and water (I’m the boring one) we sat and discussed. As usual in any group some weren’t bothered either way, others agreed that something needed to be done, but didn’t want to be the ones to do it and then there were 2!

The 2 founding babies of Hinckley Yummy Mummies, taken in the week the group started!

The 2 founding babies of Hinckley Yummy Mummies, taken in the week the group started!
Photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies

We barely knew each other, but we were determined to do something about it, hours were spent on facebook messaging back and forth, we created groups, we tried pages, we tried all sorts of settings (basically we really didn’t know what we were doing or what was the best way to start) and so was formed

We began with just half a dozen members, it was really useful to keep each other informed about what groups were on, which ones we were going to, and even creating our own meet ups.

The first few

The first few
photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies

And then something happened, we made another couple of friends who also joined the group.
Next thing you know after less than 2years there were more than 400 members, not only was the group being used to find out where you could go with your children as initially intended but also for advice and general support and reassurance. We have had Christmas parties and even raised money. Almost £1500 to date!

It is really exciting to know that I was there at the beginning of it all and that I am one of the founder members of something that is helping and supporting so many people (536 members as I write this post, it was 535 when I started writing!)

sam and lexie almost 3

The original 2 not so babies, both will be 3 over the next few months
photo courtesy of Mummypinkwellies