What do other parents think about what I am doing?


I fully understand that there are many different ways to parent, and that we all do it in our own way, what ever works for each and everyone of us and our families, but there are occasions that I do wonder about what I see when I am out and about.

For anyone who knows me you will probably know which side of the fence I sit on for certain things, but for others of you I will be leaving you guessing.

Which category do you fall into for any of the following

Naughty step or not?


Time out?


Reward charts and stickers?


Breast or Bottle?

bottle     OK, I’ll admit to this one, I am a breastfeeder, but simple because I am too lazy to bottlefed, and would probably forget to take something with me!

Routines or free flow?


When to wean?

DSCF1093   Again I will admit this is a child that started weaning on the dot of 17weeks, but that was forced on us by health visitors and never solved his weight issues which later turned out to be allergies!

Bedtime, when should it be?





the list could go on and on and on

As I said early on, we all have our own ways of doing things and there is nothing wrong with most of them (unfortunately as we hear that the parents of Daniel Pelka have been convicted of child abuse not 20miles from here, some methods of parenting are very wrong)


So here’s was the one that got me thinking


Why the picture of a dummy and an ice-cream, you may ask?

I was surprised to watch a dummy being dipped into an ice-cream before being returned to the child, is it just me that isn’t convinced this is the normal way to feed ice-cream to your baby?


What things have you seen other parents do that you have thought strange, is this the weirdest?


4 thoughts on “What do other parents think about what I am doing?

  1. We have opted for a “thinking spot” rather than a naughty step or corner. I hate the word “naughty” and I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking she is naughty.

    Littlebit isn’t generally being naughty, she’s being a 2 (soon to be 3 year old) and testing the boundaries and finding her way in life. However, there are things she does which are unacceptable and she needs “time out” to think about it.

    We use Super Nanny’s steps:
    Take time out and explain why they are in time out
    Set a timer for 1 minute for every year of the childs life and walk away (so we do 3 at the moment as she’s nearly there)
    Explain for a second time
    Hugs and Kisses

    We use a blanket that she is to sit on (usually in the hall) and we call it the thinking spot. Seems to be working so far (touch wood)!

    She understands the process and usually by the end of the 3 minutes is calm and explains what she did wrong so it’s clear she’s thinking about it.

    We also use reward charts and stickers for particular tasks. For example potty training. I don’t personally like the use of these for general behaviour though, unless extreme.

    I think you find whatever works for you and your child. We’re all very different. Some things I see do knock me sideways though!!!

    • I definitely agree that I don’t like the idea of the naughty step, particularly at this age, yes there are occasions we could say that they are being naughty, but mostly it is testing boundaries, and like you say they need to think about what they are doing.
      We are currently getting through stickers for potty training, or rather sitting on the potty at bathtime, he is really holding out that he doesn’t want to potty train at all, but HE wants to sit on the potty before his bath, I think this is because he wee’d in the bath a couple of times, and realises maybe it isn’t right. (Potty Training – another post in the making)
      But we don’t use stickers for general behaviour either, as I feel otherwise they lose meaning.

  2. I saw a 4yr old being given a bottle which I thought was odd. But then I’m the opposite and weaned him earlier than is recommended and got him off bottles by the time he was 1. I can understand the dummies thing. I’d never do it but when Toby was small he didn’t want a dummy and just wanted to suck on my finger! I gave him one but he’d refuse and scream for my finger. Eventually he got on with a dummy but perhaps the mum was tired and desperate and needed a break so was trying to get reluctant bub to take the dummy to give her a break?

    • my 2 have never had bottles, both being breastfed, then refusing bottles when offered. We just tried different sorts of sippy/straw/normal cups to get them drinking
      we tried dummies with both as they liked sucking fingers, like yours, but both point blank refused however much we tried.
      I just couldn’t understand seeing a dummy being dipped in ice-cream before being given to a child.

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