Never ending washing

I am starting to think that maybe I should get the boys to do their own washing as I had been starting to think it was never ending.

water play

Every so often I remember that you have to make sure you are very careful what you say to children as they don’t always interpret things how you think they might.

Sammy has been very keen to put his dirty laundry into the washing basket in his bedroom for a very long time, if he’s in the right mood he’ll even help Tim to do his.

So we have moved onto the next steps, after a bath now while Mummy and Daddy hang the towels or tidy anything else in the bathroom that needs sorting Sammy takes the dirty clothes and puts them in the washing basket.

I didn’t think anything of it when I had placed a pile of clean folded clothes on his bed. I asked Sammy to go with Daddy and help put the washing away, unfortunately before Daddy got there half of the nice clean clothes had been put into the washing basket. Well you can’t fault him he was trying to help and in the past ‘washing’ has always gone in the washing basket!

Another example of Mummy must think more carefully before she speaks.


2 thoughts on “Never ending washing

  1. Lol yes we have that exact thing! Toby loves helping with the washing and I often get him to help put the clothes in the “washing-sheen” or hand me pegs etc for the line. Recently I stopped for a good reason. I got a phone call while loading the washing machine. Toby carried on loading it. When he’d finished he came in saying “done mummy” I went back in and threw a quick look in the drum. All seemed well so I put it on. Thanked Toby and walked away. Later I found a bright orange teddy and a red piece of blanket in there…. It was a white wash. He’d heard me say “Roy will need a bath soon and so will blanket” and decided now was a good a time as any!! Fortunately an immeadiate rewash with vanish solved the pinky orange tinge to my whites! Love vanish!!!

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