Emelie’s Appointment: The Answers at Last!

A amazing mum tells about how all her hard work restricting her daughters diet, recording what she has been doing and researching for herself has really paid of


Tuesday 20th August had been a date I was anxious about for the past 2 months. When Emelie had started to react to foods as well as formula milk, I needed answers, real ones, not the could bes of an uninformed GP who was reluctant to prescribe her expensive medication and Non-milk formula!

We arrived at the RVI, Newcastle at 9am for our appointment. The journey there had been an emotional one for me, as I was reminded of my many visits there when being treated for Accute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia almost 21 years ago. Still, I knew that her symptoms would finally be taken seriously and at last we would hopefully be given the answer to the conundrum which had plagued us since the night Emelie was born.

Emelie was weighed and measured and I was reassured that she was developing and growing well. Then, we went in to see…

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