Good and Bad habits from TV

I am sure I am not the only parent to occasionally use TV as a babysitter, I don’t do it often, but it can be useful to sit Sammy infront of if I have to go and change Tim and he needs occupying, but most of the time he will happily play on his own for the few minutes that I am gone.

However this last few weeks we have been having some work done on our heating system, so at various times we have had different bits of the house out of operation, on one occasion  the space in the lounge was restricted while someone was working on the radiator in Sammy’s bedroom and someone else was plastering in the dining room. This has meant that over the last few weeks a lot more TV viewing has gone on that normal, as sometimes it is just easier to try and keep little people happy while there is soo much going on around them.

I’ve never been keen on the idea of children spending hours watching TV, mostly because I think there are lots of other things they should be doing, they can learn so much from playing, and it is fun to be able to play with them. But that is another post altogether.

But if my children ‘need’ for some reason to spend longer periods of time than normal in front of the television, I thought that CBeeBies seemed a good channel for them to watch, at least it is more educational than some other channels that are just bright flashing colours with lots of noise and very little educational content.


I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with CBeeBies, far from it, but when they have been spending a while watching something you start to notice the things that they are picking up from it.

The most annoying has got to be the singing, he is very quick to pick up a song, this afternoons song has been from Justin’s house, which led to disagreements about the words as he was word perfect, until the last line which he has decided is

it’s Justin’s FACE!


So what habits have I noticed?

this is just a few and here is the challenge, see if you can workout what he has been watching to cause these actions

  • thinking that he can climb into an upside down umbrella and float away
  • being very good at washing his hands before cooking, never forget your apron either!
  • playing ‘peepo’ very loudly where ever we go, and shouting ‘where’s Tom?’
  • thinking that he is capable of watering the garden and pulling weeds all by himself

I am pleased to say that most of the habits fall in the category of nothing to worry about, although we went through a phase of him running into the house shouting

look Mummy, very small apple

it’s taken a lot of explaining for him to finally understand if he brings us all the ‘very small apples’ there will never be any big ones!


2 thoughts on “Good and Bad habits from TV

  1. LOL!! Honestly hun, I wouldn’t worry about it. To be honest I think they pick up worse things from those around them. A while ago Toby quite loudly said “bloody hell!” (totally out of context) and it took me a while to figure out where that came from; his uncle. It does bother me slightly when he comes out with things which are obviously from TV because it makes me look like a bad mum (people wrongly assume that it must take hours for him to learn those things but it doesn’t, nowadays it’s once or twice and he’ll be coming out with it) but then he has learnt a lot from it. He can count (thanks to the num tums), he knows his basic shapes (mr maker) but mostly he uses it as background noise while he plays with his cars or trains. I HAVE to use it sometimes, as I work from home, I sit next door in the dining room and work while he plays and watches TV.

    What I find brilliant is thanks to being able to record TV on Sky+ I can pick and chose his programs. I hate Tree Fu Tom, I don’t think it teaches them anything! But he loves Thomas (Channel 5), Mr Maker and a few others. So I record them for him and he can watch them at any point. Which is a blessing when Thomas is on at 7:30am and the first thing he asks for at 3pm after his nap is Thomas!

    My personal opinion is that as long as you are doing something with your child and you spend some dedicated time with them without TV or technology then TV doesn’t hurt. I tend to spend the morning with Toby, he has lunch and goes to bed after. Meanwhile I work. Then I put him front of the TV for a bit (round about 3) while I finish off, then we play for a couple of hours and at 5 I get on with dinner and he goes back to TV/toys. An hour later Daddy either comes down from his office and plays or it’s dinner.

    I think doing things that way has no detrimental effect on a child. What becomes a problem is when the child does nothing all day except watch TV. But then I don’t think that’s much of a problem for the child… my sister was a teen mum so knew no better and put my niece in front of kids dvds all day. Alanna is a beautiful young lady, I’m very proud of her, she’s not your average horrible teenager, she’s respectful. well mannered, does as she’s told and she’s just got all A-C on her GCSEs. I think it’s more of an issue for the relationship between the child and the primary care giver. That’s what suffers. Then the child goes off to school and mum/dad is left thinking “oh, I never spent any time with them and after school they’re too tired now…. oh that was a mistake”

    So try not to worry or let it bother you, a few weeks… a temporary change in routine while you have building work going on is not going to hurt! My sis is doing up her whole house. When I ask my little neice (7yrs) what she’d been up to this holiday she said “watching TV mostly” I told her she was telling fibs because I know she’s been on holiday camp, been on holiday to see her grandma on the farm etc etc! They may make you feel badly with what they come out with but no modern day mum will judge you (older generation mums or women without kids might because they have very idealised, unrealistic visions of what raising kids was/is like), it’s hard and TV in some ways is a blessing if used correctly!

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