When to stop breastfeeding?

This is a very difficult subject for me at the moment, I am definately PRO-breastfeeding, and for a while was wondering whether I was going to manage to feed Tim until he was a year old, which I really wanted to succeed at having fed Sammy for just over a year.

Why didn’t I think I was going to make it?

The actual act of breastfeeding was not the problem, but in January when I had to stop eating all dairy it suddendly became a lot more difficult. I never had any cravings during either of my pregnancies, however I am definatley now getting withdrawl symptoms for cheese.

Well I am very pleased to say that I have succeeded at making it to one year well near enough he turns one on Thursday so while I write this I haven’t quite made it to a year yet, but nothing is going to stop me getting there now.


But now that I have made it this far I am starting to wonder which direction to go in.

Tim is due to start his milk trial in a few weeks, which I am still very nervous about    and this is why I am now starting to think am I better to make sure that I have stopped feeding so that he is stabilised on the Aptamil Pepti-2 before he trials the milk, or am I better to keep breastfeeding him because I know it works for him.

I am not one of those mums desperate to get my body back, or to be able to go out for late nights needing to leave someone else to put him to bed, so the decision comes down to whether I want cheese and which way is best to go in preparation for his trial.

Unfortunately although I am very open to anyones suggestions, comments or opinions, the final decision comes down to me, and at the moment I am just going around in circles.

i love breastfeeding

So what would you do?


4 thoughts on “When to stop breastfeeding?

  1. I got very depressed about breastfeeding a few weeks ago. I desperately wanted to keep doing it but P2 physically wouldn’t feed during the day. Not that she couldn’t, she just wouldn’t. Was preoccupied and it devastated me. However now I’ve accepted that and am now weaning off night feeds too I feel happier. Less demanded. More free and a little normal.
    Like you said, it’s your decision ultimately, and when I asked for advise I had all sorts of people telling me to express to build up my supply but that wasn’t the reason and it made me feel even guiltier.

    You’ve done so well and he’s had the most important stage. There’s always a milk for intolerances!

    • thank you for your comments, sometimes it’s good to hear someone else say that you’ve done well isn’t it, I know I feel proud of myself for making it this far (as I reply to you I have less than 12hours to go and he will be officially 1!) but it is good to be reminded sometimes
      I talked to mummypinkwellies earlier and I think I am feeling a bit better about things, nothing is going to change until after we have seen my inlaws at the weekend, so there is still time for me to rethink things, but we will just have to wait and see.

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