My bed

Once upon a time when I decided it was time for bed I could climb the stairs and know that I would have something that looked a little like this to climb into

tidy bed

Now if I am lucky enough to have this, by morning I find that my bed just isn’t big enough as what appears to be a SMALL person climbs in next to me and somehow takes over most of the bed. Far more bed than someone their size should be capable of covering.


Unfortunately more often than not, what I now find when I go into my bedroom is something that resembles

Messy bed

and this is on a good day

you may ask how this happens?

well it’s not difficult to see how!



and over the last couple of weeks things have not improved, with workmen in the house spending time mostly in the lounge at the moment, we are spending a lot of time upstairs. Today I am too embarrassed to even take a picture of my bedroom, but you know it must be bad, when hubby is able to work out that the boys have been lose in there!



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