Follow-up to Tim’s milk trial


So here is the final post on Tim’s milk trial this week.

Anyone who has been following will know that on Day 1 Tim had some spots appear, day 2 there were slight spots again and by day 3  we ended up giving him piriton.

I tried to speak to a dietician on day 3, but unfortunately there wasn’t a paediatric one available, so I made the decision not to continue until I had heard from them. After a very hectic day at the Macmillan Coffee afternoon I finally managed to speak to one.

She was very friendly and understanding, she immediately said there was no way that we should be continuing.

She said that everything I had described was definitely a reaction (and with such a small crumb!) and is concerned whether there may be any other foods that he is reacting to, advising me to make sure that I keep a small notebook just for Tim to record any reactions that he has to any other foods or anything else (I’m guessing that she hasn’t see he has a folder already, not just a notebook!) She then also said that due to his age it might be worth getting referred to an allergy specialist as well as a paediatrican if it continues so that he can be properly tested, as skin prick tests might be useful, guess that is the next thing I need to start researching to see if it is worth doing or not, as so far I have heard very mixed views on it.

I asked when we should be thinking about trialing him again, I thought I should show willing, even though I really don’t want to do it again, but I can ask when. I have been advised to wait at least 6months and to let them know if there are any other issues in the meantime.

So a 6month reprieve


Milk trial – day 3

So day 3 and another small crumb of biscuit


Once again he didn’t seem very impressed with it, who knows if this is because he doesn’t like it, or because he is desperate for more.

Today we had an appointment with Tim’s paediatrician, she said that his weight was doing fine, all his developmental levels were perfect. She had a student in with her, so it was wonderful to hear everything about him being described in great detail for the students benefit, how he was interacting with people and taking a real interest, he responded to his name, how he had developed from a general grabbing motion to the pincer grip, the student was getting a lot of evidence of this as Tim kept giving him things.

I mentioned that he had spots on day 1, but i was unsure if they were related, she said they quite likely were, definitely if they had white pimples on top

oh great, exactly what they were!

She said she was more than happy not to see us for another 6months as she understands that we are in contact with the dietician and knows that they will contact her if there are any issues.

So everything seemed to be going really well today.

But then I noticed a few spots appear on his cheek again mid-morning and Tim seemed to get generally less settled as the day went on.

At lunchtime he refused to eat, I finally managed to get him to eat 2 or 3 raisins, but it was very reluctantly and I felt I was really forcing them into his mouth.

In the afternoon we were at the allergy group where a mum asked if he was teething, because she said if she didn’t know better she would say he had come into contact with dairy.

By the time we got home from the group the unsettled-ness has turned into unconsolable-ness (yes  I think I am making up my own words now!)

he was refusing any of his usual favourite snacks, wouldn’t drink and didn’t event want to allow an ice-lolly near him, so I hoped for the best and gave him some paracetamol for his teeth, but this had no effect what so ever, so in the end the bottle of piriton was put to use and half an hour later he was willing to breastfeed, something he rarely does in the day now, finally falling asleep for a while.

finally asleep after piriton

finally asleep after piriton

When he woke again he was then willing to have a little bit of rice and seemed generally a bit better for the rest of the day.

I’ve now spoken to the dietician, but that will be a whole new update, as I really wanted to get this one out yesterday (sorry I fell asleep) as I know there are people out there that were concerned last night when I didn’t post about day 3. But it was a long day with hospital, toy library, allergy group and brownies in the evening and all with a really not happy Tim



Milk Trial – day 2

Day 2 biscuit

So we made it through the first day, Tim had some spots appear on his check which I do not know whether they were related to the biscuit or not, but by this morning they seemed to have pretty much gone.

The pictures show what he seemed to think of his bit of biscuit today, really not impressed. Today he appeared to have slight spots on his check again, but who knows whether I am seeing things just because I am looking too much. He still seems fine in himself, attacking big brother, and causing his usual chaos.


Lunchtime I lost my pasta to 2 little boys who said they wanted sandwiches, (they were offered pasta!) but changed their minds.

This afternoon Tim refused his sandwiches, but I finally worked out that he was feeling left out as Sammy had the end of a packet of monster munch crisps, which he wasn’t allowed. Sammy being a kind big brother offered to share, but unfortunately this was not an option, so I finally managed to convince Tim that some Aldi Hoops were just as good.

So then we got to discussing crisps with milk in (yes Sammy has some deep discussion.)

He knows that I read packets, so started reading the back of some sweets that were on the table next to him, well I say read, he was looking at. I explained that we have to look for MILK on packets, could he see any words beginning with the letter


show me mummy

unfortunately the writing on many packets is just too small to read, let alone show to a 2year old, so we spelt it out on the fridge instead!

Then he asked me

how do I write NO mummy?

by the time he was happy with it, I was starting to run out of letters, but Sam has now left the following on the fridge for all to see.



Day 1 of Milk trial

Well it finally arrived.

It would have been easy to put off again as Sammy was sick during the night

sick samso I started thinking maybe I shouldn’t start Tim on his milk trial incase he starts being sick as well, but I think I could keep using those sorts of excuses for ever more, there will always be something that can delay starting.

So the biscuits were bought last week, Tim was weighed yesterday 9.4kg or 20lb 11oz (depending on which you prefer!) this puts him just above the 25th centile where he started to climb above at around 9months. I’ve checked him this morning for rashes, dry patches etc and can’t see anything that looks untoward.

To be on the safe side I also decided it would be a good idea to make sure I know where the piriton is

DSCF2857The biscuit was broken, then the rest of it stored away safely for tomorrows ‘dose’

I tried sitting Tim on the sofa to eat it, but anyone who knows Tim will understand that asking him to sit still even for a moment just doesn’t happen.

I finally managed to poke a bit in his mouth while he tried to climb over the back of the sofa, he pulled a bit of a face, who knows whether this was because I was giving off slightly scared mummy vibes, because he didn’t like it, or because he was wondering where the rest of the biscuit was.

But it has been eaten!

Tim has now gone for his nap, I am so glad we have an Angelcare monitor with the pressure pad, as it just feels like an extra reassurance while he is sleeping in his room without me.

Now I just have to wait and see how things go,  as I have said previously I am not expecting any problems today as he tends to have a delayed reaction, so watch this space over the next few days!

Dreading tomorrow

This is it I am now not counting down the days, but the hours until we trial Tim with milk.

Biscuits bought, weight checked.

So fingerscrossed tomorrow I will be writing about how well everything went, how much Tim loved his tiny little crumb of biscuit and how it has all gone well.

Personally I can’t see there being any major problems tomorrow as his reactions are usually delayed.
So we’ll just take it one day at a time and see how things go.
Lets just hope that I am still writing about it with no problems this time next week, 7 small crumbs of biscuit later!

Malted milk purchased

Malted milk purchased

I’ve braved it, while out shopping I bought a packet of malted milk biscuits today, I was almost in tears doing it, who knows what the people around me thought getting soo worked up about buying a simple packet of biscuits.
If this is what happens when I buy them, what will I be like when I try to feed any to Tim?

NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK review

As a breastfeeding mum I am always restricted on what medication I can take so was really happy to be asked to review NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK ‘a new and innovative gel designed to reduce the likelihood of getting colds and flu.’



As it is a ‘water-based, drug-free gel’ it is safe for pregnant women, children and the elderly, as well as being ok to use while taking other medications. So this was the first big plus for me as it means there is no risk while breastfeeding to either mother or baby.

It is really easy to use, all you need to do is squeeze a small amount onto your finger/thumb, rub them together before applying around the nostrils, nose and lip.


It does need to be applied every 4-6hours between waking and bedtime, (it can be applied under or over make-up) but as it is a small convenient package it is easy to keep in a bag or pocket so it is with you at all times.


I was concerned about feeling greasy rubbing something just under my nose, and about the smell that would be left, but I am very pleased to say that there is virtually no smell at all, (I wouldn’t have noticed it at all, except I was almost sticking the tube up my nose to see what it smelt of) and there is definitely no greasiness at all. Once I had applied it I wouldn’t even have known it was there, I didn’t even feel a need to wash my hands afterwards.

How does it actually work – otherwise known as the scientific bit,

NasalGuard Cold&Flu Block® uses patented technology that works on a simple principle of electrostatic charges: opposite charges attract each other.

Airborne particles and viruses carry a slight negative charge. Cold&FluBLOCK gel has a slight positive charge which attracts negatively charged airborne particles and viruses. It works like a magnet. When negatively charged airborne particles and viruses approach the nasal passage, the positively charged Cold&FluBlock gel attracts the viruses, traps, holds and immobilises the viruses.

The RRP is £11.99 which seems a lot at first when you see how small the tube is, but when you consider it contains up to 150 applications it isn’t too expensive. Remember that a lot more than this can be spent on decongestants and analgesics when you get a cold, not forgetting any time off work sick etc.

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Does it work?

So far, so good, I’ve been using it for a while now and no sign of a cold, maybe I’ll come back and comment once the winter has come and gone to tell you how it goes.

But for now I am more than happy to continue using NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK as it is easy and pleasant to use and so far has done everything it has promised.


This post is a review of NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK, I was supplied with 1 sample of the product to trial. All opinions are my own.