3 week reprieve on milk trial

I know I am probably looking for any excuse to postpone trialling Tim with dairy, but I had started to think maybe this weekend/start of next week would be time to finally bite the bullet and go for it.

However Wednesday Tim had his one year injections and the nurse advised me that it can take upto 12days for symptoms/side effects  to show from one of the jabs he had, so I asked whether that was definitely the longest it would take for them to show as with it being things like rashes to look out for it could be easy to confuse with reactions to dairy.

It was lovely to chat to someone that seemed to understand my concerns and she has advised me to wait 3weeks from the injections to make sure that any possible reactions will definitely have passed, therefore any symptoms that occur will be related to the dairy. Fingerscrossed there won’t be any, but always best to be on the safe side, and there is enough to worry about without having to wonder what has caused the symptom.

So I have actually marked it on the calendar now, so assuming he is fit and healthy we have the week circled, just deciding whether to wait until exactly 3 weeks, or start on the Monday of that week.


Now all I have to do is get up the courage to actually go and buy a packet of malted milk biscuits

malted milk

Can’t believe there is actually a bit of me hoping he isn’t well (has a cold or something) so that I have another excuse to put it of.



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