The right way to potty train

There are cultures that begin to teach their children to use a toilet or potty from the moment they can hold their head up on their own, some are able to train their children to urinate around 6months when the mother makes a certain noise, then there are those societies known to train them in an ‘assembly line’ method by putting all children in a nursery setting on potty’s at the same time and praising those who use it successfully.

So what is the right way to potty train?

Well it is quite simple, the right way is what works for you and your child.


Personally I am of the view there is no need to rush anything in our children’s development, they will all get there in the end when they are good and ready.

So far we have always let Sammy be the lead in moving onto the next steps as he develops and it really seems to be working for us.


I have always been told that it is best to potty train when you have

  • plenty of time,
  • the weather is good so you can spend lots of time outside,
  • you can spend a good week long period at home without having to go anywhere.

So a couple of weeks ago Sammy decided that having randomly done a tiny little poo in the potty he wanted ‘big boy pants’

This was a Friday morning, when he had already decided that he wanted to go out to a group TinyToes  as he had seen the bouncy castle ‘fall asleep’ and needed to make sure it was alright.

We were visiting the inlaws over the weekend

AND he was starting a new pre-school on the Monday, all this while having workmen in the house, so I don’t think any of the criteria everyone had advised me on were really working out.


But when your child decides they fancy going for something then I think it is good to try and encourage it.


So the ‘big boy pants’ went on and we went straight out, I am really happy to say that everyone at TinyToes was very pleased to see us, even if Sammy arrived with no trousers (he refused to wear any!) and were very understanding, it was great to feel there were other people there who had either been through, were going though or about to go through the same thing, around and happy to support (or in other words grab Tim, when Sammy needed help)

When we first got there we had an accident, but this was more because mummy wasn’t organised enough when we arrived.

We visited Grandma and Poppa from Friday night to Sunday, even getting through a couple of hour car journey dry.

His first day at preschool he had an accident, but just the one, not bad for a new setting on his own, with adults he didn’t know.

Tuesday at nursery he lasted all day, unfortunately I think the excitement of seeing mummy caused a last minute accident.

By the end of his first week not only has he been dry during the days, but most mornings he is also waking up dry.

This weekend we visited the woods, he has had his first experience of weeing standing up (a skill that we haven’t quite mastered yet, I think he may find it more successful if he stood still!)

And I am very proud to say that he made it all the way home, a 3hour drive completely dry.


Ok it is still early days, but within 10days we are not only dry in the day but also at night, so I think that I can say we have found the right way to potty train for us.

Any one about to embark on this journey I wish you luck in finding the right way to potty train for you.


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