One week to go

tim sorbet

As I sit and watch Tim get into his usual chaos, as usual the entire room is being trashed, all my thoughts are already with this time next week.

Assuming Tim is healthy next Tuesday (he has no colds or similar etc) then by this time next week he will have had his first taste of malted milk biscuit

malted milk biscuitSo what do I mean by a taste?

For one whole week Tim tries a small crumb of milk containing biscuit, moving onto a large crumb if everything goes well the following week.

We will be teaching our children about fractions early in their lives when we start breaking biscuits into 16ths, 8ths, quarters, then finally halves, before (assuming no reactions) in week 5 he is finally allowed a whole biscuit.


I am already full of fear, but I know it has to be done, so here’s to the countdown to Milk Trial


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