Milk Trial – day 2

Day 2 biscuit

So we made it through the first day, Tim had some spots appear on his check which I do not know whether they were related to the biscuit or not, but by this morning they seemed to have pretty much gone.

The pictures show what he seemed to think of his bit of biscuit today, really not impressed. Today he appeared to have slight spots on his check again, but who knows whether I am seeing things just because I am looking too much. He still seems fine in himself, attacking big brother, and causing his usual chaos.


Lunchtime I lost my pasta to 2 little boys who said they wanted sandwiches, (they were offered pasta!) but changed their minds.

This afternoon Tim refused his sandwiches, but I finally worked out that he was feeling left out as Sammy had the end of a packet of monster munch crisps, which he wasn’t allowed. Sammy being a kind big brother offered to share, but unfortunately this was not an option, so I finally managed to convince Tim that some Aldi Hoops were just as good.

So then we got to discussing crisps with milk in (yes Sammy has some deep discussion.)

He knows that I read packets, so started reading the back of some sweets that were on the table next to him, well I say read, he was looking at. I explained that we have to look for MILK on packets, could he see any words beginning with the letter


show me mummy

unfortunately the writing on many packets is just too small to read, let alone show to a 2year old, so we spelt it out on the fridge instead!

Then he asked me

how do I write NO mummy?

by the time he was happy with it, I was starting to run out of letters, but Sam has now left the following on the fridge for all to see.




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