Milk trial – day 3

So day 3 and another small crumb of biscuit


Once again he didn’t seem very impressed with it, who knows if this is because he doesn’t like it, or because he is desperate for more.

Today we had an appointment with Tim’s paediatrician, she said that his weight was doing fine, all his developmental levels were perfect. She had a student in with her, so it was wonderful to hear everything about him being described in great detail for the students benefit, how he was interacting with people and taking a real interest, he responded to his name, how he had developed from a general grabbing motion to the pincer grip, the student was getting a lot of evidence of this as Tim kept giving him things.

I mentioned that he had spots on day 1, but i was unsure if they were related, she said they quite likely were, definitely if they had white pimples on top

oh great, exactly what they were!

She said she was more than happy not to see us for another 6months as she understands that we are in contact with the dietician and knows that they will contact her if there are any issues.

So everything seemed to be going really well today.

But then I noticed a few spots appear on his cheek again mid-morning and Tim seemed to get generally less settled as the day went on.

At lunchtime he refused to eat, I finally managed to get him to eat 2 or 3 raisins, but it was very reluctantly and I felt I was really forcing them into his mouth.

In the afternoon we were at the allergy group where a mum asked if he was teething, because she said if she didn’t know better she would say he had come into contact with dairy.

By the time we got home from the group the unsettled-ness has turned into unconsolable-ness (yes  I think I am making up my own words now!)

he was refusing any of his usual favourite snacks, wouldn’t drink and didn’t event want to allow an ice-lolly near him, so I hoped for the best and gave him some paracetamol for his teeth, but this had no effect what so ever, so in the end the bottle of piriton was put to use and half an hour later he was willing to breastfeed, something he rarely does in the day now, finally falling asleep for a while.

finally asleep after piriton

finally asleep after piriton

When he woke again he was then willing to have a little bit of rice and seemed generally a bit better for the rest of the day.

I’ve now spoken to the dietician, but that will be a whole new update, as I really wanted to get this one out yesterday (sorry I fell asleep) as I know there are people out there that were concerned last night when I didn’t post about day 3. But it was a long day with hospital, toy library, allergy group and brownies in the evening and all with a really not happy Tim




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