Follow-up to Tim’s milk trial


So here is the final post on Tim’s milk trial this week.

Anyone who has been following will know that on Day 1 Tim had some spots appear, day 2 there were slight spots again and by day 3  we ended up giving him piriton.

I tried to speak to a dietician on day 3, but unfortunately there wasn’t a paediatric one available, so I made the decision not to continue until I had heard from them. After a very hectic day at the Macmillan Coffee afternoon I finally managed to speak to one.

She was very friendly and understanding, she immediately said there was no way that we should be continuing.

She said that everything I had described was definitely a reaction (and with such a small crumb!) and is concerned whether there may be any other foods that he is reacting to, advising me to make sure that I keep a small notebook just for Tim to record any reactions that he has to any other foods or anything else (I’m guessing that she hasn’t see he has a folder already, not just a notebook!) She then also said that due to his age it might be worth getting referred to an allergy specialist as well as a paediatrican if it continues so that he can be properly tested, as skin prick tests might be useful, guess that is the next thing I need to start researching to see if it is worth doing or not, as so far I have heard very mixed views on it.

I asked when we should be thinking about trialing him again, I thought I should show willing, even though I really don’t want to do it again, but I can ask when. I have been advised to wait at least 6months and to let them know if there are any other issues in the meantime.

So a 6month reprieve


3 thoughts on “Follow-up to Tim’s milk trial

  1. I find it weird that you didn’t get an automatic referral to the allergy clinic as that’s what we had, via the GP. None of this dietician business, just a straight referral and turned around within weeks. Turned out to be nothing anyway, as you know, just overly sensitive skin to acidic foods. But still it’s so weird how the kids seem to be treated so differently!

    • I know so many people treated in such different ways,
      I guess we were sent to a paediatrician as there was nothing to suggest allergy to GP, and our paediatrician seems very good on allergies anyway.
      I think all people with allergies need to be under a dietician as well as an allergy specialist as the allergy clinic diagnose but the dietician make sure they are handling it correctly.
      Who knows, it would all be soo much easier if we were all dealt with in the same way, 😀

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