Dinosaur Party

Sammy will soon be 3 so plans have started for his birthday party.

With all the talk a few weeks ago about Tim’s birthday Sam decided that he wanted a train cake, when we finally got to the bottom of this it seemed he remembered his 2nd birthday cake and had got it into his head that Tim could have a teddy bear cake, but Sam had to have a train again.

So once I hunted out the pictures from both his 1st and 2nd birthdays

he understood that he could have something different each year and then decided on dinosaurs.

Plans started early, or rather I like to start thinking about things early, but don’t necessarily get much done for a while. By the time I started actually doing anything about the party I felt I had been looking for ideas for ages, but finally things got moving.

I always make sure that Sammy is involved in things, so once I had got a plan in place for the invites, otherwise known of searching online for some templates. I got to printing.

I printed enough for everyone, plus a couple of spares for practicing on, or because a toddler is involved, in case they lost a leg or head. Cut them out, then left Sammy to decorate them.

So the party invites have been distributed and now we are finalising the last little bits before the party next week.

I have been searching all over the place for ideas (finding it hard as we are keeping everything Tim friendly) and so far the best place I have come up with is definitely partyHopefully things will go to plan and all the children will enjoy the party.




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