leaving my boys for the first time

things went generally ok, unfortunately 1 bumped head and a little boy who got up again when we got home and sat on my lap sharing my dinner

Hinckley Yummy Mummy

OK so the title isn’t quite true, Daddy looks after both boys on a Tuesday night while I run Guides and I did leave them for a short we with my parents to have my haircut a couple of months back.
But tomorrow I will be taking a bunch of Guides to the BigGig at at Wembley leaving early an dot returning until past their bedtime.
Grandma and Poppa will be looking after them and I know they are more than capable, but I can’t help but be worried.
Who knows if it is just because it is the first time I am leaving them for this long, or because of Tim’s allergies and Sam’s regular sickness (oh you didn’t know about that? Well Sam is currently being sick at least once, more often twice a week, always in the middle of the night)

So lists have been written, all…

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