A 3rd birthday

Birthday celebrations began a week early for Sammy as we had Grandma and Poppa visiting a week before, they came to look after the boys while Mummy and Daddy took the Guides to GirlGuiding’s BigGigDSCF3101


So the next day he got the first of his birthday presents

On his actual birthday Nanna and Grandad were visiting and there were more presents, and a very small cake, (the real cake saved for his party) with ‘fires’ on.

The day after his birthday was time for his party, the invites had been sent, all the food prepared and everything ready for the guests arriving.

We played pin the leg on the dinosaur, which was won by Mummy Pink Wellies daughter

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and all the usual dancing. singing, pass the parcel and off course food

We aren’t discussing the cake, as it seems after all the work that went into it, Sammy had decided that he had a different dinosaur in mind when he told us he wanted a green one and all we got were tears.

So after a very long few days the boys spent some time chilling in the den under Sammy’s new bed



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