Thanks to CBeeBies and in particular Gigglebiz Sammy has learnt about knock, knock jokes.
I know this is how he has learnt about them as he follows a joke with the statement

just like gigglebiz mummy

and I agree they are just as bad as the ones on the show, or maybe just a little bit worse.
So here are a few examples


First attempt

knock, knock

who’s there?

nanna and grandad

nanna and grandad who?


anything in Sammy’s world usually means nothing


knock, knock

who’s there?


Daddy who?

Daddy Duncan


Then Daddy Duncan came home and the jokes didn’t improve at all, here was one of Daddy Duncan’s better ones!

knock, knock

who’s there?


Tombli who?

no not Tombli who, Tombli BOO!


and one last one that had Daddy Duncan and myself giggling away for a while, a good old fashioned one that seemed to go wrong, remember Sammy knows exactly how a knock, knock joke goes now!

knock, knock

who’s there?

Twit ta

Twit ta what!

hysterics from us and very confused looking Sammy


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