A bad week

It’s been a long week here,
Things seem to be ok, then someone (or probably more accurately something) throws that curve ball and suddenly you feel you’re back at the beginning, or possible even further back than that.

We have been suspecting for a while that Tim may have issues with more than just dairy, and following his failed milk trial (day 1, day 2, day 3 and finally) the dietician said to watch out for other reactions to different foods, suggesting that he might need referring to an allergy specialist at some point (I hadn’t even realised that this was someone different to anyone we were already seeing)

So having another couple of slightly rough days last week I decided to phone the dietician this week to see if we had actually been referred to the allergy specialist or if we needed to get the ball rolling, unfortunately we are no closer as it seems all the dieticians in Hinckley were on holiday last week.

Then we ended up at the GP just to get him checked as he was under the weather (temperature, slightly swollen glands) nothing major, just advised to keep him topped up with paracetamol and ibuprofen as appropriate.

But then things changed, just as he was getting over his temperature etc, it became obvious that he was in pain, he didn’t want to be held and was just rolling around ‘writhing’ on the floor, there was nothing we could do to ease things for him, all I could do was clear the space around him so that he didn’t hurt himself on anything and make sure that he knew we were there. He even started to get a blue hue around his lips, which I don’t know if it was due to him reacting to something or just because he was getting so upset. Either way it was not a good sign.

So after dosing him up with chlorpheniramine he finally calmed down after about an hour, unfortunately it didn’t last and he was awake again at around 3am in much the same state, this has now been going on for the last few days, but finally so far today he has seemed much better (fingerscrossed it isn’t a mistake saying this!)

As well as the painful stomach he has also had bad eczema come up on his legs, which is another reason we are suspecting it is something he has reacted to.

So now to the what he is reacting to?

Well it is very difficult to know, his paediatrician suggested we watch out for things like egg, which I had already been suspecting, and a couple of days before all this started I had a couple of fried eggs (yes unfortunately I am still breastfeeding! I tried stopping but it seems Tim has different ideas to me)

The question is do we continue as we are? do we cut anything else out of his diet (and I guess mine as well as I’m still feeding him)? if so what else do we leave out?

If anyone has any experiences they don’t mind sharing please feel free to share it in the comments as I am open to any suggestions, and before anyone says don’t change anything without getting proper medical advise, tomorrow morning I will be straight on the phone to the dieticians again.


7 thoughts on “A bad week

  1. Whaere would you start if you were to cut things out. I’m sure you’ve tried the obviouse, nut, dairy, eggs. Thinking of you SArah wish I could give some constructive advice but I expect you know more then most already.

    • so far we have only cut out dairy, eggs are going now
      nuts haven’t been cut out, but we’ve never actually had them either, if that makes sense.
      it’s nice just to know people are thinking of you sometimes, particularly when you’re having a rough time, so thank you

  2. aw bless you, sounds very upsetting and stressful! Random ones…. is he allergic to sugar or gluten/wheat, potatoes can be a random one…. it’s even harder I imagine when you have to cut out those foods too! Good luck! xx

    • just hoping we get referred to allergy clinic soon, as dietician wasn’t much help today, advising not to stop things as don’t want to restrict his diet anymore, but seems wrong to me to leave him in pain

  3. good luck – food allergy issues are a huge challenge. look also at your diet beyond eliminating triggers (although, of course, you have to, to help heal) – avoid preservatives, additives, colourants – basically try to eat as basically as you can. try to introduce some live foods into your diet (water kefir, kombucha, sauerkrauts etc.) do you have any medicinal herbalists you can see? best of luck, it’s very challenging. we’re still on the path, and working toward improvement after 3 years…

    • it is just soo difficult knowing where to start, complicated by it being for a 1year old so he can’t really tell you how he is feeling.
      I hope your path is getting smoother, and the potholes are becoming fewer and more spaced out

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