humpty dumptyAs I mentioned in my last post a bad week, things had not been going very well.

We had been having issues with Tim being in pain and had to work out what to do about it.

I spoke to the dietician, who really wasn’t much help, she agreed that yes he needs to be referred to the allergy specialist, but her best advice was to leave things unchanged until we see the allergy specialist, but who knows how long that might take so we had to go on and try something, it just isn’t fair to leave Tim in pain and discomfort for an undefined length of time.

When we first met with one of the other dieticians she asked if we had stopped soya as well as dairy, we hadn’t done as no one had told us how closely related the 2 are, she explained that it is often a good idea to stop both but as just stopping the dairy had rectified his issues we could continue with what we were doing (so just stopping the dairy and not soya) as things had now changed I decided that it might be worth stopping soya.

We had also wondered about egg for a while, we had found that on a day that Tim had egg as egg (boiled egg, rather than in cake etc) we seemed to have a rough night with him, this then seemed to happen if he had several days in a row of things like cake. In the past his paediatrician had also suggested egg was something to watch out for. When all the discomfort started with Tim this latest time, I had eaten a couple of fried eggs a few days before (we hadn’t been having much in the way of egg due to our concerns). Whether linked or coincidence we do not know.


So the decision was made as well as not eating dairy I would stop soya and egg in both my diet and Tim’s.

It seemed a big step to take, but I had to try something, there is no way of knowing whether stopping them did the trick or it was just a fluke, but within a couple of days he was going down to bed as easy as anything at 7pm, getting up just the once in the night for a feed and sleeping right the way through, even making it until gone 7.30am some mornings.

Since then we have had bad days and nights, but they have been a different sort of bad, even if the dietician asked

how can you tell he is in pain!

it is easy to recognise the difference, no writhing on the floor, just trying to chew on anything he can get in his mouth, dribbling, starting to eat, then suddenly stopping and crying. Definitely looks more like teething to me.


So today I have had my first attempt at egg free cake, following the suggestions of thousands of people we tried the sprite recipe, I don’t know whetherย  it was because we tried a cheap packet of cake mix, but it was a disaster.

The next attempt will just be to a recipe, not from a packet!

So if anyone has any tried and tested recipes that are dairy, egg and soya free I would love to give them a try.


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  1. Recipe ‘invented’ by a friend.

    Chocolate banana scones
    10oz self raising flour
    2oz cocoa powder
    4oz pure margarine
    2very ripe bananas
    2oz raisins /saltanas (blitz them until fine)
    Oat milk to mix

    Blitz together (food processor used or rub in) flour, cocoa, marg, add mashed bananas and raisins.
    It will start to form a dough, add enough ‘milk’ to help this along. Gather into ball, pat into about 1″ think and cut shapes, brush with ‘milk’ if wished. Bake in 190/200 oven for 10-12mins.
    I have refreshed these with a quick microwave blast, freezeable too.

    • sorry just assumed it must be, it’s great when you find a good one. We were fine with just DF, now I need to remember to check the things i thought were ‘safe’ for egg and soya, got caught out last week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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