Big John’s

This weekend we visited a new (to us) restaurant Big John’s in Leicester.

bigjohns 1

When eating out with anyone with allergies life becomes a lot more complicated and this is the first time that we have eaten out with the new additions of soya and egg to the things Tim cannot eat.

So what did we eat?

burgerDaddy and Sam have it easy they can look at a menu and choose just what they want, so they both picked burgers and chips, I’m informed that their burgers had quite a kick, I think that Sammy might have found it a bit overpowering, but Daddy really enjoyed his.

Then things got a bit more difficult, it really is the soya that is causing bother, an awful lot of the food contained soya so we started to struggle. In the end they were able to adapt things to cater for Tim

fishBecause the fish is prepared and battered on site, they were able to provide Tim with a portion of unbattered fish and chips, which he really enjoyed and anything that he didn’t eat got polished off by Sammy!

I am happy to eat most things, but fish has always been the one thing that I am not keen on, and as I am still breastfeeding I needed to make sure that what I ate was free from dairy, soya and egg. It reached the point that I was ready to give up and just have a portion of chips, when finally they looked at their sheek kebab and discovered that it was suitable.

kebabIt is really unfortunate that the selection of dishes that are suitable for Tim is really limited, but that cannot be helped, as it is something that you realise early on you just have to come to terms with.

What was wonderful is the time and effort that the staff put in to trying to find things that could be eaten by all of us. They could easily have looked at a couple of things and then just told us that nothing would be suitable, but even though they were busy, they spent time with me going though all the options until they were successful.


The only negative point

ketchup reactionunfortunately Tim reacted to the ketchup that they serve there, so I guess this is another thing that we will have to start watching out for.





I apologise for not putting any pictures of the actual food that we ate, but we were running late for lunch and as soon as the food arrived the kids wanted to dive straight in, this requires some very fast work on the part of mummy and daddy to ensure the cheese burgers go in the right direction and not towards Tim, so pictures are the last of our worries. I would say that all the food looked good, the portions of chips were huge, we bought some home and had chip butties.



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