Being paid to breastfeed!

Who has seen the news today?

It is really is a sad world when breastfeeding seems soo much more important than the poor people suffering at the hands of the weather.

So I apoligise now that this post is about breastfeeding, so for anyone who wants to know how to support the victims of the Haiyan Typhoon go to the Diasters Emergency Committee website

phillippines typhoon

But for me anything about breastfeeding is very prominent at the moment as I have now managed over 36hours without feeding Tim, which as I have wanted to stop for a couple of months now it is always in my thoughts.

i love breastfeeding

As I start to write this I haven’t yet bothered to actually read anything about the ins and outs of this £200 payment to people who breastfeed for 6months, I haven’t had to there has been soo much about it everywhere on the social networking sites that I feel I already know all about it. From everything I have seen people seem to have very definite views about it, now normally a statement like that suggests some think one thing and some another, but I have only found people against it. So it would be easy to assume that it is people who didn’t breastfeed for whatever reason that are against it, well yes they are, but so are the avid breastfeeders, this might at first sound odd, why not be happy to get some money for something we are doing anyway?

Well those  who are passionate about breastfeeding would much rather the money be spent on helping those who are struggling to breastfeed. I have saved enough money already by not spending it on formula, and all the bottles, sterilising equipment etc. far more than the £200 they are offering to pay!

So I guess before I actually publish this post I should go and find out what it is really about and decide what I think about it myself.


Well I’ve been and had a bit of a read around and so far it is all still a bit vague really, as there are reports of health visitors saying that they won’t really know whether someone is breastfeeding or not so will just have to hope they don’t lie. There are concerns over the vouchers being spent on cigarettes and alcohol, and that’s just a couple of points.

Whatever the reports say I still think that Breastfeeding although it should be the norm, (don’t forget there are NO benefits to breastfeeding!) it should not be something that people feel pressurised into doing. If they do not feel happy about breastfeeding they are never going to bond well with their baby and have a good relationship, they could start to resent their child, and the thought of people starting to feel this way just to try and get a small monetary incentive seems wrong to me.


So lets try and remember although Breastfeeding might be an important subject, there are a lot more important things out there for us to be thinking about

phillippines typhoon


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