I hate gadgets

Unfortunately as our lives are now a days we cannot survive without gadgets of one sort or another, but they really are something I dislike.

When you go out for a meal with friends and they can’t be away from their phone for more than 10minutes, checking on line every few minutes, probably most commonly on things like FaceBook.

Walking down the street and hearing music blaring out from someone elses ‘personal’ music player.

To name just a couple of reasons I dislike gadgets.

But if I had to name one gadget that is my favourite it would have to be my food processor

DSCF3550Personally I prefer to make everything by hand, I used to watch my husband get the food processor out to make cakes and pastries, but I always loved the time spent mixing and kneading things, and I never found for most things it too much longer doing it by hand, particularly when you take into account getting all the bits out and all the cleaning afterwards.

So what has made me change my mind?


Well where I can do things quickly without a food processor Sammy finds it more difficult, but he is a very independent little man who likes to do everything completely on his own, when we are working in the kitchen together I am regularly told to leave him along as

I can do it mummy, don’t touch!

so I have had to learn to stand back and let him be independent, in most family kitchens I am sure that the children are given the job of preparing the cake tins, laying out the cake cases etc, I certainly know that was the sort of thing that I was allowed to do by my mum, and if they are lucky under very strict supervision they maybe allowed one or two stirs of the mixture in the bowl.

But not so in our kitchen.


With the use of our food processor Sammy is able to do all the mixing and decorating to create his own cakes.


This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition

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