‘Check Your Bauballs’

As I sat watching Not Going Out on TV last night it reminded me of the ‘Check your Bauballs’ campaign, for anyone who didn’t see the episode, there was a lot of beating around the bush and innuendo.

When Lucy tells Lee that he should check himself ‘down below’ when he then thinks there may be a problem he doesn’t want to discuss it with a female doctor, so gets Tim to have a look instead, I leave you all to imagine the scene of 2 straight men, one with no trousers!

So what is the ‘Check your Bauballs’ campaign?

Did you know that if testicular cancer is detected early there is a 98% chance of a cure


So as you think about getting your decorations up, if they are not already, maybe you could think about buying just one new bauble for your tree this year.

House of Fraser are helping to support

orchidLogo‘Check your Bauballs’ campaign again this year.

If you would like to support the campaign yourself,  you can purchase your Bauballs by clicking on the picture below



I could list all the celebrities that have got involved with the campaign, but I think it is am important enough subject not to need the celebrities, AND if you click on the link above to buy some you get to see for yourself who is involved and which ones have been photographed hiding behind nothing but a bauble!


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