Time to relax

This time of year gets very hectic, there is always soo much going on and we have virtually no time to ourselves.

With 2 little boys it is almost impossible to find time for me, add to that running a Brownie unit and Guide pack, as well as Peer Supporting new breastfeeding mothers, time is limited, and just to top it off only last weekend I organised parties for 65 children and 72 adults to see Father Christmas through the Hinckley Yummy Mummies group.

So now Christmas is very nearly upon us it is time to try and relax a little, the holidays have arrived (no more Brownies or Guides for a few weeks) all the parties are over and time to try and concentrate on me for once, well it’s a nice idea anyway!

Some weeks ago I was asked if I might be interested in reviewing some Binaural Beats meditation, so what better time to do it than now.

The first question you are probably asking yourself is what is Binaural Beats meditation?


Well I could waffle on about how in 1839 Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered it, how slightly different frequencies played separately into each ear can help ‘induce low frequency brain activity’

But it would be waffle coming from me, and would be much better if you were to go and read it from the people who really know what they are talking about on Ennora.

Firstly the website was very user friendly, it was very clear to see what was on each page and to navigate my way around, it didn’t feel too cluttered like some sites can, and very easy to understand what was available, pointing easily in the direction of a free sample as well as showing ready made packs you can buy, or a link to create your own.

When I first listened to the recordings they seemed slightly strange, as you do get different things going on in each ear (you need to make sure you are listening through headphones for it to work, I experimented with and without) any meditation recordings I had used in the past had always been the sort with simple background music and a voice speaking over the top.

Once I got myself really comfy it was lovely to spend some time just sitting a doing nothing except concentrating on me.
I have made use of several of the recordings from Recharge and refresh to Perfect sleep.

As with all forms of meditation you have to be willing to find the time to actually do it. Unfortunately once you are a mother this isn’t always easy and even though I waited until both boys were asleep in bed I was still interrupted the first time I used it by my husband, I then learnt that I need to go and shut myself away in the bedroom telling everyone not to disturb me.
If they (Ennora) could just solve the problem of people interrupting me it would be perfect!


I have received NO payment for writing this post, I was given full short-term access to the site for the purposes of writing the post.


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