Allergy Clinic

We had our first (and hopefully) only appointment at the allergy clinic at Leicester Royal Infirmary on New Years Eve.

As soon as we walked through the door we were taken in to get him weighed and measured, he is still sticking between the 25th and 50th centile as he has been doing for a long time.

While we waited we even managed to meet people from Hinckley including someone we see walk his dog past our house every day, such a small world!

When we were called through to see the doctor he took a full assessment of what had been going on and gave Tim a good look over, then sent us for some skin prick tests.

Tim took it all in his stride and just sat looking while he had six small needles put into him, unlike the dog walkers grandson who could be heard shouting and screaming from the waiting room.

Tim was tested for milk, soya, egg yolk and egg white and has shown as having intolerance’s rather than allergies, so that is a positive.  So now it is just a matter of keeping him off any foods we have concerns about and reintroducing them carefully every couple of months making sure that at the first sign of reaction of any kind we step back to wherever we were pre-reaction.

So the plan is that this coming weekend we will trial bread with soya.

Why wait until the weekend? and Why start with the soya?

We have been away at both sets of grandparents over the holiday period, so although we do trust that they were all careful with catering we feel it would be best to give a week to allow any possible issues to materialise.

and we will be starting with soya in bread as soya is the one we were never really sure about but people kept telling us that dairy and soya often go hand in hand, so we decided to stop it to be on the safe side. If he is able to eat soya flour it will open up his (and our) diet a lot more.

So watch this space, we will start trialling later this week.



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