Mummy Time?

This morning was the first day that both my boys were in nursery for a whole morning at the same time.

Such a long time since they looked like this, and now they are growing so fast.

A bit of time to myself?


Well to put it simply NO

Last night I was asked the subtle question

are you busy tomorrow?

I knew there was going to be something he needed me to do.

So this morning after dropping the boys at nursery I have been busy

  • writing a business plan
  • painting in the hallway
  • washing
  • tidying the kitchen
  • sorting stuff for Guides tonight
  • sorting stuff for Brownies Thursday

then a sudden look at the clock to realise that although I can make it out the door with both boys in tow and not be late for things, I was cutting it very fine to get to the Breastfeeding cafe, where I Peer Support.

It seems when I have the boys I am constantly clock watching, but suddenly it was just me so I thought I could fit just a little bit more into the limited time I had.
Guess I need to be more careful tomorrow!


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