Soya Trial


This is going to be one of the most rewritten posts even before any of it gets typed.

Last night I began with

Tomorrow I will be going shopping to buy some bread with soya in, to trial Tim with soya flour.

This is a totally different feeling to when we did his milk trial some months ago

Which got halted by said little man waking up, took a while to settle him, so the plan was I would have time to finish writing it this morning before going shopping.

So I was going to write all about I have no real worries about doing it as I am not convinced that soya is a problem. The plan was to have sandwiches for lunch with bread containing soya flour.

However it seems that Tim had different ideas to me, and at around 2am this morning we were changing beds and cleaning up sick. So far today he has been fine, but I don’t dare trial the soya today, not because I think it will make him ill, but because if it happens that he is sick again then I wouldn’t be able to say 100% that it isn’t the soya causing problems.

We have still made it to the shops, didn’t really want to go incase he was unwell, but the rest of us have to eat as well and it was looking a bit like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards in our house.

So I have bought the bread and as long as he isn’t sick for the rest of today or tonight then I will be going ahead tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Soya Trial

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