Soya trial on pause

As you will probably know we have been trialling soya in bread the last couple of days.

As far as we are concerned all seems to be going well, but for some reason Tim was sick again last night (first time he was sick was Thursday night before the soya trial began) We don’t know at what point he was actually sick as it seems like big brother he prefers to keep these things to himself, no crying or anything.

So this morning I found him with a small amount of vomit on the side of his face.

We are not stopping the soya trial due to the vomiting, but due to the very red sore looking marks on his cheek, we are assuming that they are due to lying in vomit (I know sounds horrible)

Unfortunately as there is no way we can guarantee whether it is from the soya as it is always a possibility we will pause the soya trial until it has cleared up completely, then give it another go.

Fingerscrossed the sickness has stopped, otherwise I guess it will be a trip to the doctor to see what is causing it.


2 thoughts on “Soya trial on pause

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