Soya take 2

As anyone following this blog will know we were trialing soya a couple of weeks ago and had to put a stop to it when he got a ‘rash’ all on one side of his face, which we were sure was down to him having spent some time overnight lying in vomit (unfortunately he didn’t even make a murmur to let us know)

tim cheek 3So having waiting until the marks on his cheek completely cleared up we started again, this was the middle of last week.

So far it is just bread that he has had, but we have made sure that he has had at least one slice of soya containing bread if not two everyday. He has not developed any spots or rashes anywhere that we have noticed, he has been fine in himself and as far as we are concerned everything seems to be going really well (I hate writing that, as it feels like tempting fate!)

What next?

well I actually have a plan

As we have never really thought that soya was a problem we are planning (as advised by dietician) to add a soya dessert in next. Although I don’t think it will be a problem, I wanted to wait until tomorrow evening as Tim is at nursery tomorrow while Sam has his swimming lesson, so I didn’t want to risk anything going wrong there.

Therefore tomorrow evening Tim will be eating (hopefully) a spoonful of alpro soya

alpro soyaIf he is then fine over night and on Wednesday, then Wednesday evening I plan to feed him the rest of the pot.

Here’s hoping all goes well.


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